Blogging Mojo & Feeling Swamped

Howdy hi,

Do you even know how many times I have opened my WordPress and then shut the page? A lot of times, let me tell you! Why might you ask? I’ll tell you why…

Over the last few months, I don’t know what happened to me and this blog. We drifted, that’s for damn sure but I sorely missed writing and everything that comes with it but I couldn’t seem to put pen to paper or rather fingers to keyboard. I think what I’m trying to say is I LOST MY BLOGGING MOJO and I couldn’t seem to get it back no matter what I did.

Over the last week I have had all these urges again and I have felt blog motivated, which has been very highly appreciated by me. So here I am, writing again. I do want to touch on the reasons why I have let my blog suffer as you never know, one of you reading this may have felt the same at sometime along your blogging journey.

I started to feel swamped & overwhelmed by the things being sent to me to review (I know what you’re thinking, oh boo-fucking-hoo, poor you) and things were piling up, quickly. I couldn’t seem to find the time in my life to review items and take all these beautiful Instagrammable photos & blog as much as I wanted too. I am working two jobs, holding up a home, a relationship, friendships, being a cat mum, trying to keep my mental health in a good place & I have just moved house. I am not saying that I never want to do reviews ever again but I said YES far too much & I learnt my lesson there. Saying yes is obviously a great thing but not when you’re already on a sinking ship.

It took me some time and I had to strip it all back to the beginning and ask myself how I started blogging and why? I started because I was in a very poor place with my mental health and it allowed me to have an outlet, which I very much-needed. I loved the blogging community. I loved that this was something I had never done before. I got satisfaction and happiness out of writing and being kinda relatable. Opportunities are great of course and I’m always forever grateful for whatever comes my way but I know my limits now.

I am now going to continue to blog, without the pressures and I have to remember that I started this blog as a hobby and a form of enjoyment and not see it as a chore as I was starting to see it.

Maybe someone can relate here? Let me know if you ever lost your blogging mojo and how did you get it back?



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