Counselling – Lets Talk About It! Plus My Journey

This is a subject that I know a lot of people don’t love to talk about as its very personal and some people find it embarrassing but you should all know by now that I don’t mind speaking about any taboo subjects.

I have had counselling over the last 4 years and I have seen 5 different councillors as I haven’t quite found the one for me yet. That’s kinda the unfortunate thing about counselling is that you need to find the one that works well with you and one you gel with, so like me you could work your way through a few of them. Don’t get me wrong I had a fair few sessions with each to give them a chance. But I think I have finally found one suited to me and my needs.

I had a long while off counselling and just recently decided to go back to it. I don’t feel like I’m going to relapse but I just felt that I needed to hit things I am dealing with head on and try to tackle it with counselling once and for all. I visited the counselling directory and just found a therapist I liked the look and sound of from their bio. This councillor I have gone for is fairly young which is new to me as they have all been 50 and over. Not that I’m being ageist at all, I’m just expressing that this is new for me to see a therapist who is fairly close to my own age. I’m looking forward to seeing how she does things. I have had 2 sessions with my councillor now and I feel like I have gelled with her well and she seems like she really wants to help me tackle my issues.

I honestly believe that absolutely everyone, no matter who you are and what you have gone through could do with seeing a therapist. It’s so important to release the bad and negative things that are weighing you down like a tonne of bricks. Everyone has gone through something and its great to talk about things and put them to bed. You’ll be surprised how great it can feel.

In all honestly I cry in nearly every session, sometimes bringing stuff up and being truly honest can be so raw and intense that you can’t help but cry. Plus it’s so natural and normal to cry especially in those types of environments, sometimes I think if I didn’t cry am I actually human?

One thing I have learnt about counselling is that you have to be 100% honest, if you can’t be honest with your therapist then you cant be honest with yourself and what is the point then?!

One thing Hannah Gale said in her recent vlog was “imagine having a really tangled up necklace and every session you untangle a little bit more” which couldn’t be truer. That’s how It feels. We all know what it feels like to have a jumbled brain and to be able to sort through it and put things in to little mental boxes and organise it all is such a great feeling. Plus finding ways and techniques to handle things is so helpful and makes life a little less stressful.

When I leave my sessions I feel happy, positive and light.

My reasons for writing this post is because I hate the fact that people feel they can’t talk about therapy or are ashamed/embarrassed. Also people think if they have therapy they are weak, which is SO not the case, you are strong for tackling an issue, not weak!! We are all humans, every single one of us has problems. Therapy is a wise and healthy decision and nothing to be ashamed of. If you get offered it by the NHS take it or if you can afford to pay for private sessions then do it. I do understand that not everyone likes counselling and feels it doesn’t benefit them.

I am excited for my journey with my councillor, I know that I cannot get rid of my mental health problems but I can definitely learn how to deal with them the best I can and to stop things getting in the way of my everyday life.

Baby steps and positivity! ❤

Love from Liv xo



Do You Wax?


So, do you wax, pluck, shave, thread, cream hair removal or are you completely untouched? We all have out personal preferences on how we remove our bodily hair, mine has always been a mixture between shaving, waxing and cream hair removal. Out of all 3, waxing is the most effective as it removes the hair right from the root which means you will be hairless for longer which lets face it is what we all want. The only downside is that waxing is the most painful! Beauty is pain though, we must remember this!

Parissa have a wonderful range of waxing products. I used their brow shaper strips, hot wax and wax strips and each of them were very effective. Here’s what I thought & a bit more about the products…


Brow Shaping Wax Strips:

I must admit I have never seen these anywhere on the market before. They are mini sized wax strips perfect to fit around your brows. They are great for getting that brow arch perfect or even for the hairs on your fingers or toes. Such a cool idea to make wax strips that small. This also comes with Azulene Oil which soothes and softens and helps prevent ingrown hairs. The other great thing about these wax strips is that they are very small so the pain is minimal! There are 32 strips in the packet.

Hot Wax With No Strips:

This wax is in a little metal saucepan, in order to heat the product you put it on the stove till it has reached a honey like consistency. Another cool concept, I have not seen this on the market before. In the packet it comes with spatulas and this is how you apply the wax to your body part. You put a fairly thick layer on and it will dry quite quickly, give the wax a little tap to make sure it’s not wet and then pick an edge and rip off, always going against the hair growth. Make sure the where you are pulling off the skin is pulled taut! The good thing about this product is that you can reheat the wax when you like so if you didn’t use that much, you can reuse when you wish too. Fab creation!

Wax Strips For Face And Bikini:

These strips are ones that you would have probably seen before on the market somewhere. You have to rub the strips with in between your hands to warm up the wax, then separate the strips in to two, smooth it down on the desired area, pull skin taut and pull off in the opposite direction of hair growth. You get 16 strips in the box.

I found each product worked very well and I had no issues, I was very impressed! They are also super handy for travelling. I will definitely be taking these away with me when I go on my next adventure!

You can check Parissa out here. You can also purchase Parissa in Boots & Amazon.

Thanks for reading,

Love From Liv xo

*These were kindly sent to me but all opinions are honest and my own*



Chic STM Laptop bag

I am forever wanting to take my laptop places with me but for some reason I have never had a laptop bag, until now.

laptop 1 (2)

The STM laptop bags are so ideal for when you need to take your laptop on the move, they are bright and modern! The lining in the bag is super soft, its actually makes me wish I was small enough to curl up and take a nap in there, no joke! It has a zipable pocket at the front and a couple of pockets on the inside too. The handles are nice and long, the bag is worn like a tote bag. The straps are nice and thick so they are comfortable over your shoulder plus it feels so sturdy, no straps breaking here!

lapttop 2

The bag I have is orange and beige which is lovely and bright. I love how now I can take my laptop on the move with me and not worry about it getting damaged. Life saver!

laptop 3

Check out all of STM’s bags here.

Thanks for reading!

Love from Liv xo