Giving up Youtube & Getting Back Into Youtube

Early last year I dipped my toe in to the world of YouTube. I have always been a viewer but never a creator. I got myself a good camera and off I went into my YouTube journey, or so I thought.

The thing was I knew I loved watching vlogs and “main channel” videos so I thought to start off I will start my YouTube channel by vlogging. Well after a few vlogs I realised that vlogging was not for me, I hated it! I then turned to sit down videos and did videos like shopping hauls, monthly faves and whats in my bag. Turns out I hated doing them too. So I put my last video up and never picked the camera up to film ever again.

After sitting down and really thinking about it, I never watch things like that on YouTube don’t get me wrong I LOVE clothes, makeup and skin care but it’s not something I enjoy watching. So why would I enjoy filming it? It finally all made sense to me after I thought about what I love, what my passions are and what I would like to talk about and that is real life things, being, mental health, weight, sex, periods, bodies, people – that is my passion. Talking about things that matter and that people can relate too! I am quite a sarcastic, dry, sweary person and the prim and proper videos that I was doing just didn’t suit me. Its time to be a little bit more me.

The world of YouTube can be daunting and scary and its hard to know what you want your content to be and also having the confidence to do so! I think I have the confidence to do that, I mean I would have those conversations in real life with friends or even random people so why is Youtube any different? If you fail, try and try again till you get it right.

I have passions and I love working towards breaking stigmas and speaking about taboo subjects, I also love to help anyone going through a time of need. If anything I talk about helps even one person in anyway then my job is done!

My channel will be open, airy and honest. With different topics every week! Hopefully everyone can support and enjoy me new content that’s coming soon!!

Thanks for reading,

Love from Liv xo


2 thoughts on “Giving up Youtube & Getting Back Into Youtube

  1. YES LIV!!!! I can’t wait, you will be so good at this! 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

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