Helping Improve My Sleep with S+ By ResMed – Review

I was so excited to give the S+ by ResMed a go, I have a terrible sleeping pattern. I find falling asleep of a night very difficult and as a result of that I find it quite hard to wake up. So, when they ResMed team got in touch, I thought, yes this is the answer to all my problems!

res med 2

S+ is the worlds first contactless sleep tracker, this comes with a downloadable app which is called ResMed, you have to connect your phone with the S+ device and it will collate all the information which is very clever and it has a tonne of cool features which are:

Identifying Sleep Issues:

This will give you personalised feed back which in time will allow you to resolve sleeping issues.


The S+ has a feature where you can play soothing sounds to help you drift off to sleep. The sound gradually synchronizes with your breathing to make falling asleep even more relaxing.

Getting The Room Right:

The device tells you how bright your room is, what the noise levels are like and the temperature of your room, which as I have learnt are 3 very important factors in order to gain a great night sleep.

Clear your mind:

On the app you will find a notes section, where you can write down things that are in your brain, clogging it up and affecting your sleep. You can also write a to do list so your brain is a bit more organised and you know what the next day brings so it makes falling to sleep easier.

Understanding Sleep:

The S+ tells detects your sleep from the minute you fall asleep to the minute you wake up, it helps you to understand what is influencing your sleep patterns and suggests things you can do in order to improve your sleep.

Waking You Gently:

You can choose a time frame to be woken up. The S+ will wake you up in your lightest phase of sleep. So that you wake up nice and refreshed, which I have to say does actually work!

resmed 3

When you wake up and check the app and see how your sleep was, the first thing you will probably see is a graph which is made up of everything that the S+ monitors you for: deep sleep, light sleep, REM (rapid eye movement) and wake. You will also get told your total sleep score, how many disruptions you had throughout the night, it will tell you how long everything lasted for (see photo) and what your total sleep time was. It will also give you advice on how to improve your sleep.

resmed 4


I would 100% recommend the S+ By ResMed to anyone, especially people who suffer with any sleep related problems, it gives you such a good idea as to what is going on whilst you are asleep. Every night I feel like it’s a competition that I need to have a better score than the night before haha, nothing like a bit of healthy competition with yourself!

If you are interested in buying this, you can buy it here or in John Lewis or Amazon.

Thanks for reading,

Love from Liv xo


*All opinions are honest and my own.







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