Interviewing Bloggers: Coffee With Kays

This week I interviewed the lovely Kays. Please read below to find out more about her…



1) Could you tell my readers a little bit about yourself?

Hi! My name is Kayleigh-Anne, I’m 22, I’m a first year university student. I’ve been blogging for almost a year now, I love to blog about anything from fashion and beauty to advice and food! 


2) What inspired you to start blogging?

I had a diary for years and during a clear out I stumbled across my old diaries and I flicked through reading them thinking how great it would have been to share these with the world. My diary entries would be product reviews and deep meaningful life lesson talks and it almost felt like I was giving advice to the reader even though the reader would only ever be me, so I wanted to change that and I decided to essential share my new “diary” with the world in the form of a blog!


3) How has blogging improved/made a positive impact on your life?

I’ve got to know some really wonderful people through blogging, it’s great to be a part of a community in which everyone is so supportive and positive towards you. I feel like if I’m ever having a bad day I can turn to my blog or my blogging friends and both will cheer me up. It’s also been so therapeutic to be able to express my feelings into a blog post, I’ve also got to work with some brands and that’s been incredible too!


4) What is your biggest blog achievement?

Honestly I think the achievement for me is that I’ve managed to get so much out of this blog. I was once voted as blogger of the month by a website which blew me away however after an interview with them and waiting a long time for the announcement to go up it never happened which kind of sucked. I think personally the thing I’m most proud of is when I made a blog post about DIY Christmas cookie decorations and it hit 3000 reads in about 2 days, it felt surreal! You can read that here: 


5) Where do you want to in 5 years with your blog?

I think it’s pretty much every bloggers dream to be able to support themselves with their blog and make a career from it. I would of course love for that to happen! Time can only tell, Coffee With Kays also has a SUPER EXCITING secret project in the making which you’ll find out more about in a few weeks time so keep your eyes peeled on my blog for that!


6) What do you find frustrating about blogging?

I think the expectations in the blogging world has become a very big thing, everyone seems to need to have incredible photography skills, bright beautiful Instagram pages and the most incredible imaginative content to be able to call themselves bloggers when really if you got an internet connection & a passion for putting thoughts and feelings into a post, you can do it, you can blog about whatever you want to, you don’t need an incredible camera, brilliant lighting and the latest collection of beauty products. Make it what you want to and just go for it.


7) Does your blog have a niche?

To be honest I literally blog about whatever I fancy, i don’t think having a niche is important, or maybe that is my niche?


8) Do you blog full-time or part-time?

Part time, although focusing on my social media surrounding my blog is something I pretty much do all day every day. Checking my Instagram feed in lectures is quite difficult!


9) Where do you find inspiration/ideas for your blog posts?

They literally just pop into my head, I see something and think I can make a blog about it, or something happens to me and it makes me want to type away! I love-inspiring myself with other people’s blogs too though!


10) How do you drive traffic to your blog?

have an Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page. I love to promote my blog posts on all of them, I find that I get the most engagement through twitter though.

11) How many times a week do you blog?
Usually once a week however when something pop us that I really want to share I usually can’t hold it and just put it up early!
12) Do you have any bloggers that love and read religiously? If so name them and their blogs.
I love love love poppy deyes, she makes blogging about the simplest of things so interesting with her words and photos, I love it. I also religiously follow Leanne Haycock (, she’s a good friend of mine and her blog is just so incredible! 




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