A Weekend In Amsterdam

Me and a few of my girlie friends decided to go on weekend away to Amsterdam! In the group was a couple of the girls birthdays so why not head to the Dam!


As you all probably know that I am not good with flying – anxiety central!! But you know what, I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet but I smashed that flight, probably helps that it was 40 minutes and was the smoothest flight I have ever been on and I was surrounded by some of my best friends who were on hand to try to keep me calm if a panic attack was to show its face but it didn’t! I did have more anxiety going home but I did it and made it back to the UK alive and well.


Our flight was at 7am UK time so it got us in to Amsterdam around 9 something. We got the train from the airport the main train station in Amsterdam. Which was cheap and about 15 minutes. As you can imagine 7 girls let loose, we were all very excited to get the weekend started.

We arrived at out hotel which The Notting Hill hotel which is just outside the centre. I would 100% recommend this hotel, it was lovely and all the staff were super helpful and cheerful! Also because we stayed outside the centre and had a little walk in ,we got to experience a little bit more of Amsterdam. We found some of the best photos on our little walks to and from the hotel. Literally every house/building is so interesting.


IMG_0327 (2).JPG

We went out to explore and to get FOOD! One of the girls we went with goes to Amsterdam a fair bit and had told us about chips with satay sauce, I know right? Weird? I thought the same. All the girls loved them and ended up having them a fair few times throughout the trip. Sadly I didn’t like the combination so I stuck to mayo and ketchup. Nice and safe! We found a nice café in the sun and had drinks, which was so welcomed as we were all feeling tired and needed a little refresher. We sat and people watched and took in Amsterdam’s sights. Unfortunately, it all got a bit too much for me and anxiety struck, so off I went back to the hotel with one of the girls for a mint tea and well deserved bath. We all went out for dinner on this night for 2 of the girls birthdays, the restaurant they chose was called Meatless District (majority of the girls I went with are vegan/vegetarian). This is ideal for people who don’t eat meat, everyone had a lovely starter but no one thought much to the mains unfortunately . They bought out slices of 2 different cakes for the birthday girls, those cakes were INCREDIBLE. I would go back there for that. The restaurant had a nice vibe and was cool décor. We ended up being awake for about 19 hours in total that day. Safe to say most of us were ready for a good night sleep by the time the night had ended!







On the 2nd day we went for brunch at Bakers & Roasters which I would highly recommend but what I would say is either book or get there early as when we arrived the queue was out the door and there was a 45 min wait. Which we waited for, in my eyes if some where is that busy and popular they must be doing something right. We didn’t want to miss out on a good brunch. Plus whilst we were waiting we kept drooling over people’s food that was coming out of the kitchen! When we got seated we had a lovely table at the back on the restaurant, kind of in its own little space with a whole wall behind us of plants which was lovely. The food was good and worth the wait in my opinion! We then headed out and split in to two groups, some of the girls wanted to experience the smoking side of Amsterdam and others wanted to explore. We took ourselves  to the famous Red Light District, which was bloody fascinating as it is just not something you see at home.  Every alley way we spotted that was lit up by red light we found ourselves down taking it all in! We also visited the prostitute museum which was really interesting, worth a visit. Me and my friend, decided to book  massage at the Conservatorium Hotel which was incredibly fancy, the massage was so bloody good. 50 minutes of pure heaven. Also their pool area was beautiful, I would go back there 100%. Very zen environment. We had dinner in the hotel then walked to explore Amsterdam at night which was beautiful. We ended up back in the red light district, had crepes and had a walk around, It’s even better at night! Complete spur of the moment but we ended up in a sex show. Now I know what you are thinking… Why would you want to pay 40 euros to watch a sleazy awkward sex show? WELL it was all of those thing but it was such a funny experience and I’m so glad I went. Before the actual sex act there were strippers who had some very questionable talents. You can’t go if you are a prude/get offended easily that’s for sure! In my eyes it was 40 euros well spend. It had a wow factor that I cannot describe haha!




On the third day things were a little more tricky got me. Anxiety and panic attacks had kept me up majority of the night. Anxiety and no sleep is a really bad mixture. Luckily I got to keep my room for a bit longer and managed to get another hour or so sleep. My body wanted to sleep for days but it wasn’t possible. We checked out and headed back in to central Dam by tram which by the way I would advise, so cheap and quick. Did some shopping and had some food before it was time to head off to the airport and fly home. Also Amsterdam airport is probably the nicest airport I’ve ever visited!




So much happened in that weekend, so many stories, some I can’t share because it’s not appropriate or they’re all inside jokes that would not be funny to anyone but us.

Amsterdam is such a beautiful place, I would love to return. There is so much to see and take in!

Thanks for reading!

Love from Liv xo





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