15 Things Only Girls Who Love Wearing Black Will Understand

Now I don’t know about you but I effin love black clothes, always have and always will.

Here  is a list of things only girls who LOVE black clothes will understand.

♥ Not all black matches, there’s literally about 50 shades of black. Which is super annoying btw!

♥ Accessories are SO easy. Literally anything goes

♥ Stains? What stains? Except for toothpaste, what a bastard.

♥ The term “all black errrrrything” literally could not be truer.

♥ When you are shopping just look at the black clothes, asking the sales assistant if the item comes in black or shopping online and just clicking that little box that says refine; black. TICK!

♥ Joking that the colour of your outfit matches your heart/soul/personality.


♥ You have mastered the pop of colour nicely.

♥ Getting dressed really doesn’t take that long.

♥ Stop asking if im going to a funeral. Its old and boring.

♥ Summer is a bit of a pain as shops try to suggest vibrant colours.


♥ Washing is easy, there’s only one pile and its darks :).

♥ Remember, black is timeless.

♥ If you feel like you are having one of those days where you just want to blend in to the background then you have got yourself covered.

♥ People always assuming that you are depressed because you wear black. BLACK IS MY HAPPY COLOUR I’LL HAVE YOU KNOW!




Love from Liv xo



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