Aquis Hair Towel Review

When this review came up I had to a take it because my hair is long, heavy, holds on to water when its wet and takes forever to dry, girls if you have the same kind of hair as me then you will 100% feel my pain. I was genuinely intrigued to find out what this towel had that all the other towels I had used didn’t have. What was I missing out on?

A Bit About The Aquis Hair Towel

◊ Super absorbent
◊ Ultra soft
◊ Gentle on hair

The Aquis hair towel is made of Aquitex, a modern innovative fabric woven from ultra-fine fibres to create a light weight material with superior water wicking capabilities that is gentle on your hair.

The hair towel will gently dry your hair fast without friction. Help reduce frizz and breakage, which means less blow drying which is obviously much better for your hair as hair + heat = damaged hair. No thanks.

Sizing: 19 x 42 inches or 50 x 107 cm.

Price: £30


My thoughts?

For one, the hair towel feels different to a normal towel which was interesting. I was really shocked at how much of a difference the towel made to my hair at how much drier it felt after washing due to the towel being super absorbent. I got sent the white and grey chevron patterned hair towel which has a luminous orange tag on it which I adore, the colours go so well together! I don’t think I will ever go back to using a normal towel again after using the Aquis hair towel. I know, that’s quite a statement!


Click here to take a look at the Aquis website and all of their lovely products.

Thank you so much to Aquis for my hair towel, it is genuinely very loved.

Thanks for reading,

Love from Liv xo

*All opinions are my own and honest.



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