OK Bouquet Flowers Review

What makes you happier than a massive bunch of gorgeous smelling flowers? Nothing!

I recently received a bouquet of flowers from OK Bouquet. I literally couldn’t wait to get the box open and see what the bouquet was going to look like and I was not disappointed. The were stunning! The flowers smelt amazing and looked amazing. Safe to say I was impressed.


OK Bouquet are an online flower shop, they sell premium roses, standard roses, luxury bouquets & elegant lilies. They are all really beautiful and not bad on price at all. Next time I go to order flowers I will be ordering from OK Bouquet. They also do next day delivery through out the UK.

ok bouquet 3 (2).png

My flowers lasted for 2 weeks exactly. I think that’s the longest I have ever had flowers for. I was genuinely amazed. I think flowers are such an amazing gift for Mothers Day, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, new baby, new job, new house or even for no reason at all. Flowers will always make someone smile.


I also wanted to mention that the flowers were carefully packaged so well in a huge box and the flowers were in water.


Thank you so much to OK Bouquet for gifting me these beautiful flowers. I loved having these in my home and the smell they created!

If you want to take a browse at OK Bouquets flowers, click here.

Thanks for reading!

Love from Liv xo

*All thoughts are honest and my own.



3 thoughts on “OK Bouquet Flowers Review

  1. These are beautiful!!!

    My friends sent me a bunch of flowers recently when I was working from home after spraining my ankle and generally being down. I’ve never received flowers before and it was such a lovely gesture!

    You’re right, flowers do make you happy, they brighten you as well as the room 🙂


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    1. Flowers are good for the soul 🙂


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