Aquis Hair Towel Review

When this review came up I had to a take it because my hair is long, heavy, holds on to water when its wet and takes forever to dry, girls if you have the same kind of hair as me then you will 100% feel my pain. I was genuinely intrigued to find out what this towel had that all the other towels I had used didn’t have. What was I missing out on?

A Bit About The Aquis Hair Towel

◊ Super absorbent
◊ Ultra soft
◊ Gentle on hair

The Aquis hair towel is made of Aquitex, a modern innovative fabric woven from ultra-fine fibres to create a light weight material with superior water wicking capabilities that is gentle on your hair.

The hair towel will gently dry your hair fast without friction. Help reduce frizz and breakage, which means less blow drying which is obviously much better for your hair as hair + heat = damaged hair. No thanks.

Sizing: 19 x 42 inches or 50 x 107 cm.

Price: £30


My thoughts?

For one, the hair towel feels different to a normal towel which was interesting. I was really shocked at how much of a difference the towel made to my hair at how much drier it felt after washing due to the towel being super absorbent. I got sent the white and grey chevron patterned hair towel which has a luminous orange tag on it which I adore, the colours go so well together! I don’t think I will ever go back to using a normal towel again after using the Aquis hair towel. I know, that’s quite a statement!


Click here to take a look at the Aquis website and all of their lovely products.

Thank you so much to Aquis for my hair towel, it is genuinely very loved.

Thanks for reading,

Love from Liv xo

*All opinions are my own and honest.



OK Bouquet Flowers Review

What makes you happier than a massive bunch of gorgeous smelling flowers? Nothing!

I recently received a bouquet of flowers from OK Bouquet. I literally couldn’t wait to get the box open and see what the bouquet was going to look like and I was not disappointed. The were stunning! The flowers smelt amazing and looked amazing. Safe to say I was impressed.


OK Bouquet are an online flower shop, they sell premium roses, standard roses, luxury bouquets & elegant lilies. They are all really beautiful and not bad on price at all. Next time I go to order flowers I will be ordering from OK Bouquet. They also do next day delivery through out the UK.

ok bouquet 3 (2).png

My flowers lasted for 2 weeks exactly. I think that’s the longest I have ever had flowers for. I was genuinely amazed. I think flowers are such an amazing gift for Mothers Day, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, new baby, new job, new house or even for no reason at all. Flowers will always make someone smile.


I also wanted to mention that the flowers were carefully packaged so well in a huge box and the flowers were in water.


Thank you so much to OK Bouquet for gifting me these beautiful flowers. I loved having these in my home and the smell they created!

If you want to take a browse at OK Bouquets flowers, click here.

Thanks for reading!

Love from Liv xo

*All thoughts are honest and my own.


8 Reason Why I LOVE Blogging

I mean, this list could have been way longer than 8 reasons but I would have been here all day typing. The list of reasons why I love blogging is never-ending but I have picked 8 reasons that really stand out to me. If you are a blogger yourself you will probably understand why I love blogging so much, hopefully some of these apply to you too.


♥ Mental Health

I started my blog by sharing my story and experiences of my mental health. I found it to be such a good outlet for me. Plus the response I received back made me realise that I was doing the right thing. When I started to write I was going through a really dark patch with my mental health and blogging really helped pull me out of out. I’ll forever be thankful for that. It has also helped me connect with tonnes of different people who suffer too. My aim with writing about my mental health was to help inspire and influence others to read about it, write about it and speak about it!


♥ Fellow Bloggers and Support

The blogging community is really a huge reason why I love to blog. Never have I met such supportive lovely people. It’s such a warm lovely community and no matter what issues or piece of advice you need there is always someone there at the end of a tweet to help you out. Plus mainly all of us get along as we all share one massive passion BLOGGING!


Relaxing Outlet

I find blogging so relaxing whether its typing a new blog post, scrolling through twitter seeing what all the other bloggers are up to or reading others blogs. It’s a time where you can take your head out of the real world and free your brain from all the dramas there and stick it in to the blogging world and get lost reading post after post about other people’s lives, lipsticks, fashion and shopping hauls. What a wonderful place to get lost.


♥ Getting Creative

Blogging is a great way to get creative, whether that is sitting there brain storming blog ideas or creating the perfect flat lay. I seem to spend a lot of time with a note pad writing down ideas & jotting down random things that come into my mind. Taking blog photos is a really good way to teach yourself how to get good at photos, I think. Getting that perfect shot is what it’s all about. Thinking of different items to put in a photo to make it different from your last pic on your blog. Blogging also makes you look at the world in a more creative way, instead of not paying attention you are always looking for the next perfect picture opportunity.


♥ You Can Blog From Wherever You Are In The World

One of the beauties of blogging is that you can do it from where ever you are in the world. This gives blogging so much freedom. You can do it in your PJ’s in bed with a cuppa tea in hand. How perfect?


♥ Learning and Interacting

I have learnt so much during my time of blogging. I have learnt about different companies, products, I have learnt about blogging itself, how to write emails, how to use a blog platform, I have learnt through other bloggers about different disabilities, different problems, how other people work and so much more. Blogging has opened my eyes up to a whole different world. Blogging has made me interact with so many different people and companies.


♥ Opportunities

Blogging has opened a door to many different opportunities for me. I have had the chance to attend blogging events, work with many different brands and receive their lovely products, I have managed to meet people from all walks of life. Blogging has also given me the opportunity to be brave, honest and has given me huge confidence.


♥ Spending Money On Things I Don’t Really Need

I know this should be under the category ‘Reasons I don’t like blogging’ BUT it’s not because I secretly love this. I will see another blogger raving about a make up item and a week later I have it in my ever-growing makeup collection and it will soon become my most loved item, the lesson here is bloggers recommendations are bible. Also, blog photo props, I KNOW you all feel me on this one. How much money have we all wasted on making our photos look good? But we wouldn’t have it any other way would we? NOPE.

Thanks for reading as always you lovely bunch!

Love from Liv xo



My October Asos Wish List

Another month, another Asos wish list. This month I have picked a couple of items related to Disney which is so unlike me as I’m not really that mad on Disney but I just feel like these bits were just TOO cute to not put in. I hope you all enjoy the pieces I have chosen. Let me know in the comments which items you love.




asos 2.jpg























asos 9.jpg








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Love from Liv xo