Lockets By Lavish & Co

Recently I was contacted by Lavish & Co to ask if they can send me some goodies. I had a look on their website to find all these beautiful lockets staring back at me. I saw that you can personalise your locket, shop by occasion and they also do stuff for men on their site, which is brilliant as we all know how hard men are to buy for!#

When my package arrived, I opened it to see a note, I picked it up and had a read. In this note it said, Lavish & Co launched in April 2013 and they are the first UK bespoke locket company. They have a laser machine so you can personalise your locket. You can choose from Silver, Gold & Rose gold lockets. They said in the note that they took inspiration for one of my lockets from my trip to Brighton and from the photos I posted about my time in Brighton. Which can I just say made me feel ALL kinds of emotional as I love Brighton a lot and it was just so sweet and personal! So thank you SO much for that.

Both f my lockets are absolutely gorgeous, one of them has a ‘L’ charm and a flower charm and the other has a few different charms with things that represent Brighton in. They have so many charms to choose from you are absolutely spoilt for choice! Whenever I wear my lockets I always get people looking at them and asking more about them. They seem to catch people’s eye, which makes people intrigued about them as there is not much on the market like these lockets  therefore they stand out!





If you are looking for a truly unique gift or just fancy something a little bit different then check out Lavish & Co here. They are such a lovely company with fantastic customer service as well!

Thanks for reading,

Love from Liv xo

*These thoughts are all my own and genuine.


3 thoughts on “Lockets By Lavish & Co

  1. These are lovely! The rose gold one is suuuuuper cute 💕💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aren’t theyyyy!! They’re so individual as well! X


  2. These are super cute! I really want some now! x


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