Weleda Skin Food Review

Kindly Weleda sent me their Skin Food body cream to try out, I am so glad they did as this cream is perfect for this time of year. The cream is for dry and rough skin which is great as this time of year my skin changes and goes super dry in certain areas. Safe to say this cream has helped me out so much. I get dry hands, feet & elbows mainly. I have applied this product to those areas religiously and it really has made a significant difference! This is definitely going to be my saviour this winter.


About Weleda:

♥ Weleda was introduced in 1926 and is celebrating 90 years as an iconic beauty classic.

♥ Skin Food is the UK’s No.1 skincare product.

♥ A pack of Skin Food is sold every 30 seconds, impressive!

♥ The ingredients are authentically natural.

♥ Skin Food is available in over 4000 outlets in the UK.

♥ Avaliable from, Whole Foods, Waitrose, Ocado, Holland & Barrett, Independant health food stores and pharmacices or buy direct from Weleda.


About The Product:

♥ Some ingredients include: Calendula, Rosemary, Chamomile & Viola/Heartsease.

♥ To be used several times a day.

♥ Uplifting and refreshing fragrance which is made from pure essential oils.

♥ Smoothing base of organic almond oil, sunflower oil, organic beeswax & the purest hypoallergenic lanolin.

♥ £9.95 for 75ml or £6.95 for 30ml.

I really loved this product. The formula is fairly thick and has a balm like texture and is wonderfully rich. When I put Skin Food on my feet it soaks in so quickly where my feet are severely dry and rough, it just makes my feet feel so smooth and lovely. A little goes a long way with this product which is great too because it means it will probably last that little bit longer as you don’t have to use lots of product! I would 100% recommend this product if you are suffering with dry/rough skin and want a product that is organic too!


Check out all of Weleda’s products here.

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Love from Liv xo




10 Thing I Would Do in Berlin In 24 Hours…

Berlin is always some where I have wanted to go but I have never got round to going yet. It looks like such a pretty city with so much culture. After doing tonnes of research on Berlin and working out everything I would realistically love to do , I managed to whittle it down to just 10 things:

♦ I think to start off I would have to try a typical Berlin Brunch and see what that’s all about!

♦ I would go and hunt down all the bargains in Mauer Park which is a large flea market

♦ As I am now in the shopping mood I will go and find Ku’Damm which is Europe’s largest department store! I know, shopping heaven!!

♦ Lunch time, maybe ill go for a traditional Currywurst! You can’t go to Berlin without having one of those.


♦ I would love to walk the Berlin wall.

♦ See the sights by bike, how fun!

♦ Visit old town and take in all its culture.

♦ I would go to thee roof top of the Parliament building and see all the views of Berlin from a height. It’s always so much more beautiful that way!


♦ I’ll have to try out the diverse street food market on Sundays. Try all the different German food.

♦ I would love to visit the swimming pool on the river. That looks so cool!


That my run down of what I would do in Berlin in 24 hours. Busy? I know!

Thanks so much for reading,

Love from Liv xo

Lockets By Lavish & Co

Recently I was contacted by Lavish & Co to ask if they can send me some goodies. I had a look on their website to find all these beautiful lockets staring back at me. I saw that you can personalise your locket, shop by occasion and they also do stuff for men on their site, which is brilliant as we all know how hard men are to buy for!#

When my package arrived, I opened it to see a note, I picked it up and had a read. In this note it said, Lavish & Co launched in April 2013 and they are the first UK bespoke locket company. They have a laser machine so you can personalise your locket. You can choose from Silver, Gold & Rose gold lockets. They said in the note that they took inspiration for one of my lockets from my trip to Brighton and from the photos I posted about my time in Brighton. Which can I just say made me feel ALL kinds of emotional as I love Brighton a lot and it was just so sweet and personal! So thank you SO much for that.

Both f my lockets are absolutely gorgeous, one of them has a ‘L’ charm and a flower charm and the other has a few different charms with things that represent Brighton in. They have so many charms to choose from you are absolutely spoilt for choice! Whenever I wear my lockets I always get people looking at them and asking more about them. They seem to catch people’s eye, which makes people intrigued about them as there is not much on the market like these lockets  therefore they stand out!





If you are looking for a truly unique gift or just fancy something a little bit different then check out Lavish & Co here. They are such a lovely company with fantastic customer service as well!

Thanks for reading,

Love from Liv xo

*These thoughts are all my own and genuine.

September Asos Wish List

I don’t know about you but pretty much everyday I find myself browsing the internet for clothes, jewellery, shoes, bags, you name it, I’m searching for it. I love a lot of online shopping websites but I always find myself going back to Asos, as they have such a wide range of brands. They also have a beauty section which is amazing but also dangerous at the same time. As I’ll be shopping and when I’m about done I’ll just think… Go and have a little look in the beauty section and I always end up purchasing something! PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one with this issue?

I thought I would start this little series on my blog as I have a HUGE wish list but unfortunately I don’t have the same bank balance as Kim K, which I’m obviously devastated about. I thought it would be nice to share with you bits that I love every month.




asos checkered shirt.jpg

Asos coated jeans.jpg




asos open lace.jpg

asos purple jacket.jpg


asos velvet top.jpg







asos bow.jpg




asos velvet boot.jpg


asos scarf.jpg










I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post, please let me know in the comments what bits you liked or if you have any of it!

Love from Liv xo

What Happened In September

Another month done and dusted! If you aren’t a Christmas fan then sorry but I feel like we are now in the run up to Christmas which makes me feel so excited, definitely my FAVE time of the year.

September was another busy month for me. I don’t know about you but I do love being busy, the only downside is that I think it makes time go so fast when you are constantly busy.

Heres what I got up to in September…

♦ Friends Fest was on in my home town so obviously I had to go. It was so much fun, there was a huge stage & screen where they played episodes of Friends on and on the stage they had a presenter and the public could go up and play games etc. They had the diner where Monica worked in which is where we had lunch, Central Perk, which you got a photo outside the window, a photo behind the bar, then a photo on the famous orange sofa and then a photo with a guitar pretending to be Phoebe SMELLY CATTTTTT! Before you went in to Monica’s apartment you had photos with the umbrellas on the sofa in front of the water fountain. Then in Monica’s you took photos in all the well-known places like infront of the front door with the picture frame, at table and sitting on the window seat re-creating that scene of Rachel sadly looking out of the window. Then you move on to Joeys apartment, they had the barker loungers and the canoe. They also had the Chapel where you could try on the wedding dresses and have photos but we decided against that because the queue was massive and it started raining! It was such a cool experience and they did so well with the sets to make everything look exactly the same.

♦ Me and my boyfriend went on our first sunny holiday which was so lovely. We went to Spain. We literally chilled by the pool, relaxed and watched the sunrise a couple of mornings which was so beautiful. I came home feeling so relaxed and refreshed – it was definatley what we both needed!

♦ One Saturday evening we had a wedding reception and a 30th birthday to attend. So we did a bit of both which was a lot of fun and I got to wear a beautiful maxi dress.

♦  I had my monthly meet with a few of my friends, which is always really lovely. We went for lunch at a local tea room. Time always seems to go so fast when you’re chatting away catching up on each others lives- they do say time flies when youre having fun!

♦ I started doing gel nails again which luckily has really picked up.

♦ I did a blog post with Biscuiteers which is always so nice as their biscuits are amazing.

♦ This may be a little bit TMI but I had my first ever intimate wax and OH MY GOD, the pain was reaaaaaaaal. Not sure I will be hurrying back for another one!

♦ I had a couple of friends birthday meals which is always lovely.

♦ Booked to go to Amsterdam with my friends.

♦ I had a little splurge whilst I was in Spain on makeup from Kiko. I will be sure to do a blog post haul because so far I’m loving everything that I got. Except for the fact that I picked up the most gorgeous eyeshadow and when I got home it was a completely different colour. When I got back home I went to Kiko to exchange and they didn’t have the colour I wanted. So now I am on the quest to find it.

This month consisted of lots of work and blogging work. Which is all good! I excited to see what October brings!

Thanks for reading as always!

Love from Liv xo