Pre-Holiday Thoughts

Tomorrow I go on holiday so the last week my mind has been crazy busy with thoughts of everything holiday related and panicking over what I still need to get.

It’s very rare that you do forget something major when you go away because that’s what our brains are for I guess, to make us remember everything down to those pesky little Kirby grips.

Also I have this irrational fear that I have not packed enough because I’m scared my suitcase will weigh 280 kg but in actual fact by the end of the weeks holiday turns out I packed too much and didn’t even wear half the things I bought, when will I learn?

These are a few pre holiday thoughts that I have had over the last week…

♥ Right I need to get a wax and do my nails. Where am I going to have time to fit this all in? I don’t want to go away as a hairy as a bear with ugly nails. I need to look like a smooth, pretty nailed, put together women.

♥ I go on holiday in a few days and my washing basket is overflowing, I should probably act on that pretty pronto.

♥ Racking my brain to see if there is anything else I need, ADAPTORS, of bloody course. Christ can you imagine if I didn’t remember an adaptor, no curlers, no straighteners & NO PHONE. Holy mother of mary, that would have left me in a right pickle!

♥ OMG I actually have no clothes or bikinis. I need to go out shopping immediately. OH great its September, no one has any pissing summer clothes left and the ones they do have are in the sale and are vile. FANTASTIC

♥ I need to check in online, I must remember to check in online. I don’t want to face any queue or any charges at the airport. Reminder to Liv, check in online!!

♥ Where the actual fuck is my passport. ITS NOT IN MY SAFE PLACE. I REPEAT IT IS NOT IN MY SAFE PLACE.

♥ It isn’t until someone says “have you got your travel insurance” … No I haven’t so thanks so much for reminding me, you babe. Because we all know that the one time we forget to get travel insurance, our suitcase will go missing or something shitty will happen.

♥ I’ve got to create a check list, so I can tick it off and be super organised – that way I can’t forget anything, surely?

♥ MY CASE WEIGHS A TONNE. I am 100% over and I am going to have to pay so much money

♥ That mad last-minute dash you to the shop and buy all sorts of irrelevant shit. JUST INCASE.

♥ Right, this is my last check to makes sure I have everything. I think I’m good. Fuck it, ill just buy whatever I need at the airport or out there.

Turns out your case isnt over, youve remembered everything you needed and all that worrying was an absolute over exaggeration. So now you can breathe, relax and enjoy your time away!

I know im not the only one who has all these thoughts before I go away. Tweet me or leave a comment telling me what kind of craziness you deal with before you go on holiday!

Thanks for reading as always,

Love from Liv xo











2 thoughts on “Pre-Holiday Thoughts

  1. Omg I laughed soooo hard at this! We’re currently on holiday and these were my EXACT thoughts pre-packing! Especially with one who doesn’t help the process, panicking more than me! This is serious gold! Loved it, thanks for sharing!

    Jessica & James

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thanks so much, I’m glad you liked this post! Xxx


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