Rosh Hashanah Biscuit Tin – Biscuiteers Review

I kindly got sent a beautiful box of biscuits to review from Biscuiteers, in aid of Rosh Hashanah which is the Jewish new year. Rosh Hashanah is a two-day celebration and this year is celebrated between 2nd – 4th October, it is a time for reflecting, spending time in the synagogue and eating special Jewish dishes. I am not Jewish but it was still lovely to learn a bit about Rosh Hashanah.

The tins that the biscuits are in are gorgeous and the biscuits were even more gorgeous themselves. Inside this tin was beautifully iced biscuits in the shapes of, candles, bees, honey pots and much more. As always the Biscuiteers biscuits tasted amazing as does their icing.

This tin is absolutely perfect if you celebrate Rosh Hashanah or you know somebody who does and you want to give them a lovely gift.






Biscuiteers have such a great selection on their website. They have a biscuit tin for nearly every occasion, you can personalise biscuits and they also do amazing cakes and chocolates. Head over to the website here.

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Love from Liv xo


*These views are honest and my own!



Pre-Holiday Thoughts

Tomorrow I go on holiday so the last week my mind has been crazy busy with thoughts of everything holiday related and panicking over what I still need to get.

It’s very rare that you do forget something major when you go away because that’s what our brains are for I guess, to make us remember everything down to those pesky little Kirby grips.

Also I have this irrational fear that I have not packed enough because I’m scared my suitcase will weigh 280 kg but in actual fact by the end of the weeks holiday turns out I packed too much and didn’t even wear half the things I bought, when will I learn?

These are a few pre holiday thoughts that I have had over the last week…

♥ Right I need to get a wax and do my nails. Where am I going to have time to fit this all in? I don’t want to go away as a hairy as a bear with ugly nails. I need to look like a smooth, pretty nailed, put together women.

♥ I go on holiday in a few days and my washing basket is overflowing, I should probably act on that pretty pronto.

♥ Racking my brain to see if there is anything else I need, ADAPTORS, of bloody course. Christ can you imagine if I didn’t remember an adaptor, no curlers, no straighteners & NO PHONE. Holy mother of mary, that would have left me in a right pickle!

♥ OMG I actually have no clothes or bikinis. I need to go out shopping immediately. OH great its September, no one has any pissing summer clothes left and the ones they do have are in the sale and are vile. FANTASTIC

♥ I need to check in online, I must remember to check in online. I don’t want to face any queue or any charges at the airport. Reminder to Liv, check in online!!

♥ Where the actual fuck is my passport. ITS NOT IN MY SAFE PLACE. I REPEAT IT IS NOT IN MY SAFE PLACE.

♥ It isn’t until someone says “have you got your travel insurance” … No I haven’t so thanks so much for reminding me, you babe. Because we all know that the one time we forget to get travel insurance, our suitcase will go missing or something shitty will happen.

♥ I’ve got to create a check list, so I can tick it off and be super organised – that way I can’t forget anything, surely?

♥ MY CASE WEIGHS A TONNE. I am 100% over and I am going to have to pay so much money

♥ That mad last-minute dash you to the shop and buy all sorts of irrelevant shit. JUST INCASE.

♥ Right, this is my last check to makes sure I have everything. I think I’m good. Fuck it, ill just buy whatever I need at the airport or out there.

Turns out your case isnt over, youve remembered everything you needed and all that worrying was an absolute over exaggeration. So now you can breathe, relax and enjoy your time away!

I know im not the only one who has all these thoughts before I go away. Tweet me or leave a comment telling me what kind of craziness you deal with before you go on holiday!

Thanks for reading as always,

Love from Liv xo










Space NK Haul

Good Friday lovely people.

So a few weeks ago when I went to Brighton I was just walking along the street minding my own business when a shop caught my eye, it goes by the name of Space NK! Obviously I had to go in and have a browse around but I had no intention of getting anything (we all say that, I know!)

After spending sometime with one of the girls in there who by the way was so nice and honest about products which is something I really appreciate in a sales person. I left with 3 beautiful items which were: Becca x Jaclyn Hill palette, Hourglass ambient lighting powder and an Hourglass extreme sheen lipgloss.Now lets talk about these products individually…


Becca x Jaclyn Hill Palette

What an absolute beauty, seriously. I know I am a little late to the party with this one as everyone has been raving about this for months  but better late than never I say. Inside it has 3 blushers which are called Rose spritz, Amaretto & Pamplemousse, they are all very different and highly pigmented so a little goes a long way and it has 2 highlighters which are called Champagne pop & Prosecco pop. They incredible and can be seen from space!! This palette is a bit on the pricey side but if you love makeup and will treasure it and tell it you love it every day then why not? Also like I said a little goes a long way so this will last you ages!


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder

This is such a beautiful powder, I really have never had one like it before. When you put it on it feels like you aren’t putting anything on but as you watch it go on in the mirror you can see how beautiful it makes your skin and the glow it gives you. It sets my makeup perfectly. The one thing I love, it does not look or feel cakey in the slightest. It is also perfect for my oily skin. I would honestly recommend this powder to anyone. I have this in the shade Dim Light and it seems to be perfect for my skin tone.


Hourglass Extreme Sheen Lip Gloss

I said to the lady in Space NK I want a lip gloss that looks like it’s on my lips, nothing too bold and bright but something with a lot of shine, I love that look. She took me over to the Hourglass stand and said these are going to be the kind of lip glosses that you are looking for. She swatched a few on her hand and I saw one that stood out the most for me and it was called Lush, its like a coral shimmery kind of look & it looks a bit metallic gold in some lights which I really love – it makes it a bit different from any other gloss I own. The main this I love about this gloss is that it has moisturising agents in it and it does not feel sticky or hard to get off but at the same time it has really good staying power. Love it so much, its my go to lip at the moment!


I hope you all enjoyed reading this, let me know on twitter or in the comments if you have tried any of these products or can suggest something you think I will like!

Love from Liv xo

What Happened In August?

Another month done… complete…finito. I can’t quite believe that we are now in September! Autumn is fast approaching but to be honest I’m ok with that. I love Autumn. Any way, August was a very busy month for me I had two get-aways and lots happened in between so let’s get started…

∴ I do gel nails on my self and to clients but I have always wanted to be able to do gel extensions as I love a fake nail. I bought all the stuff, did lots of reading & watched hundreds of tutorials on good old YouTube and taught my self how to do gel extensions. So I’m pretty proud of that.

∴ We went to Byron Burger with some friends which was nice, I had never been to a Byron Burger.

∴ I locked the keys in my flat *GULP*… Oh this did not go down well with the BF. I thought he had the keys, he thought I had the keys, you know one of those situations. Turns out neither of us had the keys. The car keys are attached to this set of keys that were locked in the flat and we had places to be that we needed to get to. We got in eventually, but yeah not good for the stress levels!

∴ My best friend and her partner had their house-warming party which was really lovely, they have a garden so we all had a BBQ, drinks and chilled.


∴ One of my friends organised an afternoon tea for charity. Luckily her aunt has a lovely house with a lake so the tea party was held there with all old vintage tea sets, a cute bike that had ice cream in & we played games. It was a really lovely day and such a nice idea to do.


∴ BRIGHTON BABY – one of my favourite places in the world. We went to Brighton for a long weekend with some friends, we actually booked it through Air B’n’B, which was my first time using them, the apartment we stayed in was so lovely and was based in Hove. (we had a few issues with the owner but I wont go on to that here.) We got up to so much in Brighton, We visited the marina which was beautiful and had really nice Brazilian food, visited a cocktail bar called Twisted Lemon which you should check defo check out, ate Boho gelato which was delicious, saw Brighton’s nudist beach, visited the lanes, did some shopping it would be rude not too as there is SO many shops, had dinner at a lovely Argentinian restaurant, the couple that we went with are getting married next year and the groom bought his wedding ring which was nice to be there for. Brighton is such a fun place you should definitely visit if you haven’t!










∴ Had a couple of meals out with family and friends

∴ It was my BF’s birthday in August and that’s part of the reason we went to Brighton was to celebrate it. He got given a homemade Star Wars cake which was amazing and we decorated the apartment in Brighton for him.


∴ I purchased a really old chest of drawers to do up and re-sell as a little project for myself.

∴ On the bank holiday weekend we went to Somerset with some friends. This is another thing we booked through Air B’n’B. The cottage we stayed in was amazing and so peaceful. The cottage had a BBQ so for 2 nights we had a BBQ and chilled in the garden, we visited a little fishing village called Beer which is in Devon, this is somewhere I went to a lot as a child and a teenager. We did a long walk through the countryside and along the coast which was extremely hilly and hard work but fun all at once. Had lunch in a village pub, dipped our feet in the sea, I played Scrabble for the first time, we visited a vineyard and did some wine tasting, had a picnic, did lots of chilling out, had a lovely meal at a village pub near to where we were staying. On the way home from Somerset we decided to stop in Bournemouth which was a great idea as it was so hot on this day, we pitched up on the beach and laid there majority of the day, had fish & chips on the beach, paddled in the sea & in true British style we all got burnt! We ended the trip with a Wagamamas, which is one of my fave things to eat ever! It was such a relaxing happy weekend!













∴ Ok, this one may seem a little sad but I could not mention Celebrity Big Brother, when that show comes on I’m addicted, I don’t care who is in it ill be watching it till the end!

I hope you all had a lovely August and got up to loads of fun! I also hope you have a wonderul September.

Thansks for reading as always 🙂

Love from Liv xo