Private Preview Of The New HomeSense In Chelmsford


I kindly got invited to the preview of the new HomeSense in Chelmsford. I was excited to get this invite as I had been to a HomeSense in another location and loved it. Plus I am a massive sucker for anything home wear related, I know that I have definitely hit adulthood as I would rather spend my money on bits for my flat rather than bits for myself.

When I arrived I was greeted by the PR girls and there was an option for all types of bubbles, soft drinks and nibbles, who in their right mind doesn’t love a little spread? They had a gigantic gold gnome which you had to take a guess at his/hers name which was fun and they also gave us all £20 on a gift card each to spend. Which was very generous of them. The other thing that was lovely was the fact that it was just bloggers and the staff which made for a very relaxing shopping trip as you can imagine. Also everything was so clean and neat ready for the stores opening the next day.

So off I went with my gift card, fizzy Elderflower drink and my basket in to what can only be described as home wear heaven. I started up stairs and then worked my way downstairs (I went up and down about 5 times) getting far too over excited envisioning everything I laid my eyes on in my home and where it would go. I had to have a little reality check and remind myself that I live in a flat, I have all the furniture and bits I need and plus I’m not made of money and to be sensible. *BORING ADULT ALERT*

After browsing round with some fellow bloggers, (Jade, Sophie & Ami – they are all amazing bloggers) I picked up a chalkboard which is something I have wanted for a while to put in my kitchen & a candle. Anyone who knows me knows that I am candle obsessed, love them, the more the merrier in my opinion. I actually managed to stay under £20 which was great because usually I go a bit crazy but then again I did have that little pep talk with myself.

Whilst browsing round you cant help but think about how you would love to re-do your space, whether you did it 6 months ago or 6 years ago. Theres always room for improvement I guess!

If you haven’t been to HomeSense please do! It has so much from mirrors to stationary to cookbooks to kitchen utensils to weird and wonderful food to gigantic pots and so much more and the best bit is it is all so reasonably priced.












Thanks for reading as always!

See you next week,

Love from Liv xo




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