What Happened In July?

Hola amigos,

Another month done and dusted, this year is going crazy fast. I can’t believe we are now in bloody August. July for me was busy, sociable and a little bit disastrous. But we are all human and we all make mistakes, right?

Let me take you back through July…

♥  I went for Thai with 2 of my best friends, Thai is my fave ever!

♥ My partners mum had her house-warming party, which turned out to be hilarious due to a game we played where you have to tie a balloon around your waist and basically hump each other till the balloons pop. We played other games and we ate and drank the night away.


♥ Visited Hadenham Beer Festival (Hadenham is a small village outside Cambridge.) It was very small and cute but had food, drinks and music. Perfect to just chill out on the grass in the sun. The beer that I chose had elderflower and lemon in, it was lovely, i did top it up with lemonade though because  I’m not a geezaaaaa. My boyfriend and his friend decided to make their way down the cider list and ended up rather drunk. Which was quite amusing for me.


♥ Chelmsford Beer Festival, I know your probably all thinking another beer fest, I must be an alcoholic, I was driving on both occasions so don’t worry. There was too much choice, the lists were never-ending of drinks but they had run out of a lot of beers and ciders, the queues were also so long but I had an amazing strawberry beer which tasted like an absolute dream. But even though it wasn’t the best we still had a chilled afternoon in the sun.


♥ Did a bit of shopping with the boyf and got treated to some Armani & Versace sunglasses and few bits from FCUK. Which was very kind of him.





♥ I went to the Essex Food Festival with my bestie. There were so many stools with all different types of food, each stool you could stop at and try their produce which left us feeling full. I’m quite a foodie so I enjoyed it so much, seeing all the different kinds of foods and brands. I purchased a couple of Indian/Thai fresh sauces to cook a curry with, pre made gluten-free lemon and poppy-seed muffin mix, some ciders, a diabetic jam for my dad & a big homemade sausage roll for my partner. It was such a hot day and one of the stools sold all weird and wonderful fruits and they were selling young coconuts that you can drink from, so we sat and drank them in the sunshine!




♥ I am the world biggest idiot, I was in a rush and put petrol in my diesel car. I didn’t realise till I got half a mile down the road and the car just started jerking and slowing down. I had to pull in to a bus stop, started crying and having a panic attack because I soon realised what I had done. God, I have never felt so stupid before. It’s such a simple yet massively inconvenient  mistake to make. The car got taken away and we didn’t have it for 4 days. Silly me. I wont be doing that again (*Insert emoji with the rolling eyes*)

♥ I did a review for Eden’s Semilla, to review their Jojoba oil, I absolutely loved it. One of the best reviews I have done. You can check out that blog post here.

♥ I did a huge clear out of my wardrobe, I just needed a good old refresh. I literally have about 10 items of clothing left lol.

♥ I went on a night out for one of my best friends birthday, I haven’t been on a night out in about 2 years. Baring in mind I don’t have any more than one alcoholic drink, i did 4 bars and didn’t get home till about 2am, I don’t think that’s bad going for a sober gal with anxiety.







♥ I received the Tanya Bakes book for my birthday and I couldn’t wait to bake something from it. My first cake of choice was the carrot cake which was deeeeeelicious!


♥ I have recently been having meetings with a skin care brand to work with them and help with the social media side of things.

♥ I got invited to the Home Sense private preview for the brand new Chelmsford store. The store was so lovely and had really amazing bits in. They kindly gave us bloggers a £20 gift card to spend whilst we were there. I kept going from upstairs to down stairs contemplating what to buy, I ended up getting a chalk board for my kitchen (which is something I have been after) and a candle of course, I am OBSESSED with candles, the more the merrier. The store was so clean, well thought out and had such a great stock. The stationary is so on point, its like notebook heaven. I had to restrain my self many times, I do not need any more notebook with quotes on. The staff and the PR were lovely.






♥ I also made the Victoria Sponge cake from Tanya Bakes, i was so impressed with that one too.


♥ Me and my mum tried a new restaurant that had just opened, Côte Brasserie. They have many other restaurants but that was the first one in our area and I had never heard of the chain before. The food was so good. We ordered a mixture of starters, I had steak for main and my mum had fish. We had no issues with any of the food, it was all perfect. We both tried pickled cucumbers which i had never had before, they were amazing! Defo worth a visit if you’re near a Côte Brasserie.

♥ When I had the incident with putting petrol in my diesel car, the car garage were vile to us. So I made a few complaints and received an email saying that the garage was sending me and my partner for a spa day. Which is always a nice email to read!

♥ Some friends and I took a trip to the Food Park in Cambridge. I think its only on in summer time. Its held at a farm in Cambridge and it has all different food traders there, from fresh pizzas to gourmet burgers to spicy buffalo wings to Asian food and many more. We arrived quite late which was a bad idea as the traders had nearly run out of food so my advice would be to get their fairly early and expect to queue. I had a Sri Lankan curry which was delish! It was very cute, with live music, blanket and fairy lights. Here is a link to the food park, take a visit if your close.

♥ I reversed our car in to a brick wall. So not only earlier in the month did I fill the car up with the wrong fuel I have now hit it. Great going for me. You can probably imagine how happy I was when i did it… NOT!! I actually hit the corner of the wall so the damage is worse than if I had just hit in on a flat wall. It wasn’t a good month for the car :(.

So that is all my main highlights of July rounded up in a nutshell. Did you all have a nice July? Did you do anything fun, let me know in the comments…

Thanks for reading my weekly rambles,

Love from Liv xo







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