Truths About Fake Tan That Every Girl Has Thought…


I’m here today to talk about fake tan. We all know it and love it or do we? There are many pros but also just as many cons about fake tanning which I know all girls think about before, during and after the tanning process.

This blog post came in to my mind late one night as I was laying in bed, in this unbearable heat, with my fake tan on. Thinking if I didn’t have this tan on I would probably have a better night sleep. Oh well, beauty is pain, right?

Here are somethings that run through my mind throughout the fake tan process, I know 99% of you have thought these too:

♥ First of all, hunt round the house for the best lighting before I start. I do NOT want patches and streaks

♥ Tanning only the bits people will see. Don’t act like you don’t do this, because I know you do.

♥ Can I actually be bothered to tan? No. Do I want to be white and look ill? NO! Get that mitt on.

♥ There is nothing worse than using a new tan and finding out its RUBBISH and you are streaky and patchy or you are just an orange.

♥ Standing like a naked starfish for 15 mins after you have applied the tan. HURRY UP & SINK INNNNN.

♥ Thursday night is tanning night in girl world. Ain’t nothing coming between and girl and her tan.


♥ Christ, I am so sticky. Eugh

♥ Is that water? NOT near me. No liquids can touch the tan people. Other wise you will be patch central

♥ I stink of biscuits, I hope no one notices

♥ Get ready for a crappy night sleep. Sleep is over-rated anyway. Bags are a lot less visible when your face is tanned

♥ Putting tan on in the evening requires you to be as lazy as you want. As you could jeopardise your lovely tan and we do not want that now.

♥ This applies if you tan your face. We have all woken up with a dribble patch of tan missing. Sexy look that.

♥ You know that you always run the risk of potentially having one of these or all, orange hands, wrists, ankles, knees and elbow. But you are a dare-devil and are gonna do it anyway.

♥ Why dont men understand that once the tan is on, you can’t really do a lot. SOZ. (probably part of the reason women tan lol)

♥ A good percentage of girls can’t help but to some how get tan on the soles of their feel and palms of their hands. Clean giveaway that you loveeee da tan.

♥ A guy probably just wont understand how a little bit of colour makes you feel brand new.

♥ You pray to the lawwwwd that you wake up with an even, glowy, non orange tan.

♥ There is a certain possibility that you will scare your partner or yourself In the morning with your tan that desperately needs to be washed off.

♥ Once your tan is all washed off, you feel sassy as f*ck. Hello miss Hawaiian tropics!

♥ CRAP, I have no foundation that matches my new skin tone!!

♥ What to wear today, erm anything, you are a tanned goddess. Everything will look nice.

♥ One very annoying factor about sleeping in fake tan is that you have to change your bed sheets the next day as they are tan stained and stink of biscuits. We all know the struggle of changing the sheets, it’s not exactly one of life’s fun games.

♥ Pray you have a good exfoliator or some gloves because as soon as that guy starts going patchy. Its time to say goodbye.

Hope you all enjoyed reading and can relate. If you have any other thoughts or things about fake tan comment below!

I have actually gone back to using the St Moriz tan and really like it, let me know what tan’s you use and would recommend.

See you next week,

Love From Liv xo












2 thoughts on “Truths About Fake Tan That Every Girl Has Thought…

  1. Yep pretty much!! lol Hence why I’m sun bedding for the wedding! Although I still have that problem with my make up no longer matching my body hahaha HELLO BRONZER!

    Also on back tanning… I hair tie the mitt to a paddle brush lol!


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  2. This is funny although I’ve never worn fake tan before!

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