What happened in June?

Why hello there,

I don’t know about you guys but for me June is the month for ALL the birthdays I had something like 11 people’s birthdays that’s a lot for one month and a lot for my bank balance!! Quite a lot happened in my life in June, it was a very sociable month which is always good. Yet again, bank balance took a hit. But YOLO right? Lets recap…

♦ To kick of the birthdays its my best friends birthday on the 1st June, she didn’t actually end up doing much for her birthday as she had just moved in to her flat a few days before.

♦ A few days later was another best friends birthday for this one I decided to make her a cake for it, we have the kind of friendship where we tag each other in hundreds of things on Instagram throughout the day and majority of the pictures are of cakes, so I though I would make one similar to the ones we tag each other in. The cake took 6 hours to make, which I do not mind as I find baking very therapeutic and is something I enjoy. It was 3 sponges tall (should have done so it was taller but time was against me.) inside the icing was lilac and mint green so when it was cut it looked more effective. on the outside of the cake I did lilac icing and dripped white chocolate that had been dyed mint green. I love these 2 colours together and I knew my friend would too. On top of the cake I decorated it with mini party rings, iced gems and funfetti. I think its safe to say the cake was a success and it tasted really good aswell, if I do say so myself :). We went to a restaurant in Loughton called The Olive Tree which is a Mediterranean and Greek restaurant, the food is amazing. For all you die-hard TOWIE fans, on the table next to us was Megan McKenna & Pete Wicks.


♦ Next up was another one of my best friends little girl Violets 2nd birthday party, which unfortunately rained for the entire duration of the party, cheers to our fabulous British summer time. But nether the less, we all had a great time. They have hired a pony to come in to the garden so all of the kids could pet it & have a little ride but as the weather didn’t hold up the pony had to come in to the house which was comical as you can imagine. Me and my partner got Violet a Elsa dress and all the bits to go with it, I think we did well with the present as she cried when her mum tried to get her out of the dress!

♦ My friend and I went to a Mind, Body & Spirit festival/day which was held in Chelmsford. It was full of lots of stools, people promoting their talents/businesses, stones, juices, clothing and loads of other bits and bobs. It was very interesting speaking to people and finding out what they did. I had an energy healing treatment done, the lady told me a few bits about myself that she had guessed from my energy and she used sounds and movements to remove negative energy. I never know how much I believe all these things but I like to have an open mind and try new things. She did guess a few things about me that was right, she said I like to cook and bake and that its something i do because i enjoy and find therapeutic which is correct and plus she picked up on a lot of anxiety in my body and I had never told her that i like to cook/bake or that i suffered with anxiety. So it was quite cool in that sense.

♦ Me and my partner went for Thai one evening with friends – Thai is my FAVE food ever.

♦ My friend invited me and the bf round to theirs for a Mexican night which was lovely. Good food, good wine & good company.

♦ Fathers day, what do you get a man who only ever wants a card but loves wine? His favourite bottle of wine of course!

♦ Our friends were due to have their baby any day so we had arranged to see them before they became sleepy parents. We had a lovely curry.

♦  5 days off work, YAY. I booked the time off over my birthday which is something i always do, I have never worked a birthday in my life.

♦ My actual birthday 25th June, can I just say i don’t think i have had a birthday that has rained but this year it certainly did. I had arranged with my friends that we would have a lovely very pinterest esk picnic in the park. But of course the weather was on my side. Luckily my dad has quite a lot of space so we went to his instead he has a big lounge with a balcony and a garden with decking so we could have the best of both worlds if the weather changed (which it didn’t.) We had lots of food and drink, smashed a piñata to bits, played who am I & played Twister which was hilarious. In the evening i went for a meal with my mum, sister and bf to a restaurant called The Anchor if you’re looking for gooooood food I recommend here.

♦ Back to work, always a struggle!

♦ I have spent far too much money on clothes, food and makeup as usual.

♦ I got such amazing presents from everyone for my birthday and I am so grateful. MY bestie got me pressie which is an experience, I don’t know if you guys have ever seen it but you go on a London bus and have afternoon tea on it whilst seeing the sights, how amazing. Here is a link, have a look it looks lovely – Afternoon Tea Bus Tour.

♦ My blog made me happy this month as I had my best ever blog views! It did put a smile on my face.

♦ I found out that me and my blog got featured in the essex life magazine, which is pretty cool.

♦ Last but not least I have got myself addicted to Orange Is The New Black. I know I’m VERY late to the party with this show but I’m actually glad because now I can binge watch them all. which is kind of what I have been doing… OOPS.


Thanks for reading, I hope you all had a lovely June and have an even better July! Let me know what you are getting up to!

Love From Liv xo




2 thoughts on “What happened in June?

  1. First off, WHAT?! Congrats for getting featured in the magazine- that’s crazy! I also find baking very calming, not to mention loads of fun, especially when you’re with a friend. The cake looks amazing, lovelies! Happy belated birthday to all of your friends/family as well as yourself. How did I even miss it? Sounds like such an amazing month 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much lovely!! Xxx


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