Eden’s Semilla – Jojoba Oil

Happy Friday wonderful people,

I kindly got sent a product to review which is the Eden’s Semilla Jojoba oil, I had never actually heard of Eden’s Semilla, I don’t know if any of you guys have either, if you haven’t then here is some info about the company.

Edens Semilla

  • Edens Semilla is a fairly new online business that sells oils and serums.
  • The name is actually Spanish which means Edens Seed and was chosen because originally a large part of the U.S market was Spanish.
  • Their original product was Rosehip Oil which was sourced from Latin America.
  • They have now expanded to Canada and Europe.
  • Edens Semilla sells facial serums, oils and more recently Jojoba Oil.
  • They have plans to bring an essential oils range out very soon.
  • They currently sell their products on Amazon but are going to have a website soon where you can buy directly from.

Now you know more about the company lets talk about the product. I am a huge fan of facial oils, always have been and always will be. When this opportunity arose I was very excited about it. Another oil I thought, YES! Plus I love discovering new companies and skin care. You never know you might find a real gem and I absolutely have.

Prior to receiving my oil, I was suffering with break outs on my chin and cheeks, lots of little white heads kept appearing everyday. I suspected that it may have been a product I was using during my skin care routine. But as we all know guys and girls nothing makes us feel more crap than having a face full of spots!

I had previously read that the Jojoba Oil was the best natural moisturizer, ideal for sensitive skin (which I suffer with) and helps with acne. So I thought wonderful, this is going to be a god send. I received the oil and removed my old moisturizer from my skin care routine which I had a sneaky suspicion that was causing the breakouts and introduced the Jojoba oil.

I have been using it for 2 weeks straight now, every morning and night. I can honestly say that I have fallen in love with this product. I have had NO break outs and my skin looked visibly clearer after 2 days of using the product. I was very impressed as you can imagine.

Here are some benefits about Edens Semilla’s Jojoba Oil:

  • Best for skin, hair and nails.
  • Cold pressed and unrefined
  • Naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, which makes it ideal for a multipurpose oil moisturizer.
  • All round protection from head to toe.
  • Healthy radiant skin.
  • Natural skin healing properties.
  • Helps with skin irritation, inflammation, acne, dryness and chapped skin.
  • Fast absorbing and non greasy.
  • Anti-oxidant  and vitamin E protection that can repair damaged skin cells and makes the skin firmer and more elasticized.
  • Helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles and even scarring.
  • Gives you silky smooth hair it also leaves hair feeling rejuvenated and full of life.
  • Natural anti-bacterial protection for the scalp that keeps hair healthy and clean.
  • Guards against split ends, thinning of the hair and promotes hair growth.
  • Great for chapped lips and brittle nails
  • Edens Semilla Jojoba oil is 100% natural, pure and organic.

I know, its amazing isn’t it. How can one product do so many things?!

I have been using the oil on the ends of my hair when I get out the shower and it has left the ends feeling very soft. I am going to put the oil on my scalp and use it as a treatment as I suffer with Psoriasis on my scalp. I think my head will really thank me!

Main points I have noticed since using the oil:

  • My skin is 100% clearer
  • Non greasy and sinks in well
  • My skin looks more radiant
  • I can touch my skin all through out the day and it feels so soft.
  • A little goes a long way (as it is an oil its going to last a long while)
  • Made the ends of my hair feel soft and alive.

I am genuinely very impressed and would recommend to anyone. Jojoba oil is now going to be a staple in my skin care routine and I will be definitely be repurchasing as soon as I run out.

Click here for Eden’s Semilla’s Amazon store
Click here to go directly to the Jojoba Oil.

There are currently promotion codes that will allow any new Eden’s Semilla customer a 1 time 50% off discount on their purchase. The code should be applied at the Amazon checkout.

Rosehip Oil – ROSEUK50
HA serum – HASEUK50
Vitamin C Serum – VITCUK50
Jojoba Oil – JOJOUK50

As you can see that Edens Semilla has got more oils too. Please go and have a look via the links I have left. If you do want to purchase remember these 50% off codes wont last forever, so be quick!

Thanks so much for reading, as always!

Love from Liv xo


*Although this post was sponsored all thoughts and opinions are my own!


Truths About Fake Tan That Every Girl Has Thought…


I’m here today to talk about fake tan. We all know it and love it or do we? There are many pros but also just as many cons about fake tanning which I know all girls think about before, during and after the tanning process.

This blog post came in to my mind late one night as I was laying in bed, in this unbearable heat, with my fake tan on. Thinking if I didn’t have this tan on I would probably have a better night sleep. Oh well, beauty is pain, right?

Here are somethings that run through my mind throughout the fake tan process, I know 99% of you have thought these too:

♥ First of all, hunt round the house for the best lighting before I start. I do NOT want patches and streaks

♥ Tanning only the bits people will see. Don’t act like you don’t do this, because I know you do.

♥ Can I actually be bothered to tan? No. Do I want to be white and look ill? NO! Get that mitt on.

♥ There is nothing worse than using a new tan and finding out its RUBBISH and you are streaky and patchy or you are just an orange.

♥ Standing like a naked starfish for 15 mins after you have applied the tan. HURRY UP & SINK INNNNN.

♥ Thursday night is tanning night in girl world. Ain’t nothing coming between and girl and her tan.


♥ Christ, I am so sticky. Eugh

♥ Is that water? NOT near me. No liquids can touch the tan people. Other wise you will be patch central

♥ I stink of biscuits, I hope no one notices

♥ Get ready for a crappy night sleep. Sleep is over-rated anyway. Bags are a lot less visible when your face is tanned

♥ Putting tan on in the evening requires you to be as lazy as you want. As you could jeopardise your lovely tan and we do not want that now.

♥ This applies if you tan your face. We have all woken up with a dribble patch of tan missing. Sexy look that.

♥ You know that you always run the risk of potentially having one of these or all, orange hands, wrists, ankles, knees and elbow. But you are a dare-devil and are gonna do it anyway.

♥ Why dont men understand that once the tan is on, you can’t really do a lot. SOZ. (probably part of the reason women tan lol)

♥ A good percentage of girls can’t help but to some how get tan on the soles of their feel and palms of their hands. Clean giveaway that you loveeee da tan.

♥ A guy probably just wont understand how a little bit of colour makes you feel brand new.

♥ You pray to the lawwwwd that you wake up with an even, glowy, non orange tan.

♥ There is a certain possibility that you will scare your partner or yourself In the morning with your tan that desperately needs to be washed off.

♥ Once your tan is all washed off, you feel sassy as f*ck. Hello miss Hawaiian tropics!

♥ CRAP, I have no foundation that matches my new skin tone!!

♥ What to wear today, erm anything, you are a tanned goddess. Everything will look nice.

♥ One very annoying factor about sleeping in fake tan is that you have to change your bed sheets the next day as they are tan stained and stink of biscuits. We all know the struggle of changing the sheets, it’s not exactly one of life’s fun games.

♥ Pray you have a good exfoliator or some gloves because as soon as that guy starts going patchy. Its time to say goodbye.

Hope you all enjoyed reading and can relate. If you have any other thoughts or things about fake tan comment below!

I have actually gone back to using the St Moriz tan and really like it, let me know what tan’s you use and would recommend.

See you next week,

Love From Liv xo











EFT Therapy – My experience.

Hey guys,

Today I am going to be talking about EFT therapy and my experience with it and also to let you guys know all about it.

As you probably know I suffer with anxiety, panic attacks and a few other mental health issues. I have tried most things to try to help with my anxiety but not everything has worked. I was casually having a conversation with one of my friends and she bought up EFT therapy and said that someone she knows has had it and has reaped the benefits of it. She suggested that I take a look into it and see what I think. Obviously my ears pricked up and my eyes widened, something that may actually help me long term? Of course I need to give this a go!! I made an appointment to see the therapist almost immediately. It seemed like the right time as I was due to go on a plane in a few days so I knew it would be a really great test to see if the therapy had worked on me.

Lets break EFT therapy down. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. That name in its self-made me feel excited to have the therapy done as many of you know who suffer with mental illness, it’s very easy to feel trapped in your own brain, so the words emotional freedom was like music to my ears.

Info & facts about EFT:

◊ EFT is a relatively new discovery but is very popular
◊ Often refered to as psychological acupuncture 
◊ The techniques work to release blockages in our energy systems
◊ The blockages can be why we suffer with anxiety, depression, lack of confidence and many others
◊ It can also work on chronic illnesses
◊ EFT involves use of the finger tips rather than needles to tap on points of the energy meridians that are situated just beneath the surface of the skin.
◊ The treatment is non invasive
◊ Restores awareness and trust in the natural healing abilities of our mind and body
◊ Simple techniques for great outcomes.
◊ Can be used as a self-help tool.


So how does it work?

EFT therapy is done by focusing on a specific problem you are having for example, flying, anxiety, depression, smoking the list is endless. You have to rate the intensity of the problem out of 10, 10 being the most intense. Who ever you are having your therapy with they will tell you what you need to say while you are tapping. For example… “even though I suffer with anxiety and I am scared of getting on the plane because I feel trapped and claustrophobic, I will be fine and you know why? Because it is just anxiety and it will not hurt me, I am stronger than it because I am deeply and completely learning to love and accept myself” – that was one that I used as I worked on my anxiety around flying during the treatment.We went through 3-4 different things that were going on in my life that I had a lot of anxiety towards. I was taught different sentences as well as the one above to say during my treatment and you have to say these over and over again whilst doing the tapping. It’s like you have to say it over and over again to really drum it in to yourself and it works so well in conjunction with the tapping.

The tapping, below are all the points where you tap during the therapy and you have to tap on each point 2 times with your index finger and middle finger. You start from the top of your head and work your way down. You say the mantras you have been told to say and do the tapping along with it. You usually repeat the process 2-3 times over. Once you have finished you then take a long deep breath and rate your intensity out of  10 again.



My therapist asked me lots of questions about my fears and worries so he incoperated it in to what I was going to say whilst tapping. Which I found really helpful because it highlights and exposes your fears. One thing I do have to say is that you have got to be completely honest with yourself and your therapist in order for this to really work.


My results:

So the real test was to see if this therapy had helped me with my anxiety towards flying. I said above that you have to rate the intensity of your problem out of 10. Mine was a 10 when I first started the treatment, it went down to a 3. Which is obviously incredible. My therapist said that I will never ever go back up to a 10 now and that I will probably just sit at a 3 forever, which I thought wow, if this works then this is bloody genius. A few days later I boarded my plane to Dublin, I had a little bit of anxiety but nothing major. My last experience on a plane I was a crying, shaking anxious mess who was popping pills to calm me down. Not this time I was literally as cool as a cucumber. I was thinking bloody hell, this is incredible. On the flight home I literally had NO anxiety I was so excited to get on the plane. My therapist had actually text me whilst I was in the airport on my way to Ireland to see if I needed a chat or to do some EFT on the phone but I decided I didn’t need any help which is good. I did some tapping in the airport just to calm some of my nerves, but to be honest the nerves were barely there but I wanted to practice anyway. The best one to tap in public is whats called the karate chop (you can see in pic above) because it is very discreet and you can say your mantra in your head. No one needs to know what you are doing.


EFT really is such a wonderful form of therapy. I remember thanking my therapist for changing my life and he said back I didn’t do it, you did. Which is true he just showed me how to. I left there feeling so positive and ready for what I could now do. What ever it does inside you seems to work and im happy with that!! I would really advise you to have a session of EFT therapy for what ever issues you have. I will leave all info for the therapist I had below. On his website it has a lot of information you can read, what they can treat and more. This post is in no way sponsored nor did I get asked to do a review, I wanted to do this to get EFT out there more and plus I had a really great response from some of you who wanted to know more about it.



I really hope that I have explained this well, it was 2 months ago since I had EFT done so my memory isn’t as fresh, unfortunately. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me either on here or on my Twitter which is @livmayes.

Therapist: Colin Wyatt
Website: Way Forward Therapy


Thanks so much for reading,


Love From Liv xo






CB12 Review

Hello hello hellooooo,


So today I’m talking breath! Glamorous I know. Lets get started… Do you wake up in the morning with breath of death? Do you feel conscious most the day about your breath? Then CB12 is the mouth wash for you. I’ll give you a few pros and cons about this product:




  • 24 hour protection
  • Neutralises the formation of the substances that cause bad breath
  • Long lasting effect
  • Doesn’t burn your gums like some of the other mouthwashes on the market
  • Kills morning breath completely
  • I did notice a difference on how long my breath stayed fresh for.


  • It made my mouth feel a little bit chalky/drying after use but that only lasts about a minute after
  • It’s quite pricey, but if you are concerned/interested in your breath then its worth it.


I kindly got sent both flavours of mouthwash which is Mint/Original & Mild. I really like both flavours equally.

You can buy CB12 from Boots, Superdrug and some supermarkets at around the £14.99 price mark.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please leave a comment if you have used this product and what you think 🙂

Love From Liv xo


*This product was sent to me to review but all opinions are my own and completely honest.

What happened in June?

Why hello there,

I don’t know about you guys but for me June is the month for ALL the birthdays I had something like 11 people’s birthdays that’s a lot for one month and a lot for my bank balance!! Quite a lot happened in my life in June, it was a very sociable month which is always good. Yet again, bank balance took a hit. But YOLO right? Lets recap…

♦ To kick of the birthdays its my best friends birthday on the 1st June, she didn’t actually end up doing much for her birthday as she had just moved in to her flat a few days before.

♦ A few days later was another best friends birthday for this one I decided to make her a cake for it, we have the kind of friendship where we tag each other in hundreds of things on Instagram throughout the day and majority of the pictures are of cakes, so I though I would make one similar to the ones we tag each other in. The cake took 6 hours to make, which I do not mind as I find baking very therapeutic and is something I enjoy. It was 3 sponges tall (should have done so it was taller but time was against me.) inside the icing was lilac and mint green so when it was cut it looked more effective. on the outside of the cake I did lilac icing and dripped white chocolate that had been dyed mint green. I love these 2 colours together and I knew my friend would too. On top of the cake I decorated it with mini party rings, iced gems and funfetti. I think its safe to say the cake was a success and it tasted really good aswell, if I do say so myself :). We went to a restaurant in Loughton called The Olive Tree which is a Mediterranean and Greek restaurant, the food is amazing. For all you die-hard TOWIE fans, on the table next to us was Megan McKenna & Pete Wicks.


♦ Next up was another one of my best friends little girl Violets 2nd birthday party, which unfortunately rained for the entire duration of the party, cheers to our fabulous British summer time. But nether the less, we all had a great time. They have hired a pony to come in to the garden so all of the kids could pet it & have a little ride but as the weather didn’t hold up the pony had to come in to the house which was comical as you can imagine. Me and my partner got Violet a Elsa dress and all the bits to go with it, I think we did well with the present as she cried when her mum tried to get her out of the dress!

♦ My friend and I went to a Mind, Body & Spirit festival/day which was held in Chelmsford. It was full of lots of stools, people promoting their talents/businesses, stones, juices, clothing and loads of other bits and bobs. It was very interesting speaking to people and finding out what they did. I had an energy healing treatment done, the lady told me a few bits about myself that she had guessed from my energy and she used sounds and movements to remove negative energy. I never know how much I believe all these things but I like to have an open mind and try new things. She did guess a few things about me that was right, she said I like to cook and bake and that its something i do because i enjoy and find therapeutic which is correct and plus she picked up on a lot of anxiety in my body and I had never told her that i like to cook/bake or that i suffered with anxiety. So it was quite cool in that sense.

♦ Me and my partner went for Thai one evening with friends – Thai is my FAVE food ever.

♦ My friend invited me and the bf round to theirs for a Mexican night which was lovely. Good food, good wine & good company.

♦ Fathers day, what do you get a man who only ever wants a card but loves wine? His favourite bottle of wine of course!

♦ Our friends were due to have their baby any day so we had arranged to see them before they became sleepy parents. We had a lovely curry.

♦  5 days off work, YAY. I booked the time off over my birthday which is something i always do, I have never worked a birthday in my life.

♦ My actual birthday 25th June, can I just say i don’t think i have had a birthday that has rained but this year it certainly did. I had arranged with my friends that we would have a lovely very pinterest esk picnic in the park. But of course the weather was on my side. Luckily my dad has quite a lot of space so we went to his instead he has a big lounge with a balcony and a garden with decking so we could have the best of both worlds if the weather changed (which it didn’t.) We had lots of food and drink, smashed a piñata to bits, played who am I & played Twister which was hilarious. In the evening i went for a meal with my mum, sister and bf to a restaurant called The Anchor if you’re looking for gooooood food I recommend here.

♦ Back to work, always a struggle!

♦ I have spent far too much money on clothes, food and makeup as usual.

♦ I got such amazing presents from everyone for my birthday and I am so grateful. MY bestie got me pressie which is an experience, I don’t know if you guys have ever seen it but you go on a London bus and have afternoon tea on it whilst seeing the sights, how amazing. Here is a link, have a look it looks lovely – Afternoon Tea Bus Tour.

♦ My blog made me happy this month as I had my best ever blog views! It did put a smile on my face.

♦ I found out that me and my blog got featured in the essex life magazine, which is pretty cool.

♦ Last but not least I have got myself addicted to Orange Is The New Black. I know I’m VERY late to the party with this show but I’m actually glad because now I can binge watch them all. which is kind of what I have been doing… OOPS.


Thanks for reading, I hope you all had a lovely June and have an even better July! Let me know what you are getting up to!

Love From Liv xo