What Happened In May

So I am writing this and it is the 2nd June. I know everyone says it but WHERE THE HELL is this year going. Its my birthday this month and it only seems like 4 months ago I was celebrating my last birthday. Very odd. They do say that time goes fast when the older you get,  I’m not enjoying it so please slow down.

What happened in May then? Well I had quite a few things happen in May so let’s go;

  1. At the start of the month I attended the Saturated Colour Blogging event, I have blogged all about this so you can read that here. That was a really lovely afternoon learning about the brand and socializing with other local bloggers.

2. On the 8th was my nephews 3rd birthday, another place that time is moving too fast is around that little boy. How is he 3? I remember holding him when he was fresh out of the womb and it does not seem like 3 years ago. My sister held a family BBQ for him, which was really nice.

3. This month I got really back in to the gym which is good for me as I have been slacking in that area. I have got really into interval training as I know that sheds the most body fat which is what I want. As hard as intervals are I really enjoy it and I leave the gym feeling like I have done a really hard work out, that is the result I want when I leave the gym.

4. One of my friends told me about a type of therapy that someone she knows has had and it has been proven to really help with anxiety, panic attacks and several other things. This therapy is called EFT and it deals with the meridian energy lines we have within our bodies, these points are similar to the areas they use in acupuncture except no needles, it’s all tapping with your fingertips on certain points on your body along with certain words and phrases. The entire session was very interesting and highly emotional at some points. We worked on certain things that make me anxious like flying for instance as I was due to get on a plane a few days after this treatment. I truly believe this therapy has really helped me, its managed to switch my mind around.

5. I had my first experience going to a cinema which has lazy boy chairs in, so you can lay down while you watch a film in a massive leather chair. It made the cinema experience so much nicer and comfortable.

6. I decided I wanted to incorporate more fish in to my diet and not eat so much meat. So during the week now I only have fish for dinner and sometimes lunch too.

7. I decided to try my hand at big fat, fluffy American pancakes as I had never made them before and the recipe looked very easy. I made a huge stack for photograph purposes only, sad truths of a blogger. lol. I did have a little nibble on one after I had taken photos and they were tasty. I will defo make these again!


8. Me and my partner decided to take a trip to Dublin, which was a big step for me and we did lots of tourist things, had lovely food and saw a really old friend that I haven’t seen for 13 years which was lovely. Here are some of the highlights and thing we got up to:

  • We stayed at a lovely hotel called The Doubletree by Hilton
  • Pizza Express is called Milano & Primark is called Penny’s
  • We visited the Guinness factory
  • We went for a lovely tapas just off Temple Bar
  • I saw my friend I haven’t seen for 13 years
  • I managed to get on the plane which was a huge success.
  • I got some Bobbi Brown makeup; A foundation,powder,highlighter/blush, bronzer & quad of eyeshadow.
  • We did quite a bit of shopping, I say we I meant me. I did some shopping
  • I had my first try of peanut butter frozen yoghurt, genuinely one of the best things I have ever eaten.
  • We held pigeons and fed them which was weird but wonderful. Safe to say the bf was very scared.
  • We had a gorgeous dinner at a restaurant called Fire. Which is in the same part of the Lord Mayors mansion. So it was a very interesting room where we were.
  • Someone got arrested on our plane home which is something I have never seen before. Nothing like a bit of drama.
  • Irish taxi drivers are hilarious and defo one of a kind.
  • Irish weather is definitely more untrusting than British weather that’s for sure.








9. My Dad’s birthday was the 27th, he decided to have a BBQ and get the paddling pool out which was nice. we just sat in the garden trying to catch a bit of sun. My dad is a hard person to buy for as he never wants presents, only wants cards and tells us to save our money. So we decided to do him a hamper full of all his favourite food and wine. I think it went down quite well.

10. This month I have been really trying to keep my positivity levels up. Having the EFT therapy has certainly helped that. It is very important when you suffer with mental health problems to keep yourself positive.

11. Routine – this is something that I fell out of the last year or so I’d say. I find it very hard to sleep at night and very hard to wake up in the mornings and most of the time I would end up feeling crap. So my partner and I decided that he would wake me up every morning before he goes to work, I have to be sitting up on my phone or watching the TV (otherwise I’ll fall back to sleep) this has been really helping with getting more early nights because I feel more tired in the evening. It has also really helped with the positivity as I feel so much more motivated and alive now. I am NOT a morning person but I am really trying.

12. My best friend moved into her first home with her partner. That was quite a proud best friend moment for me. On the first night she moved in we got a Thai take-away and ate off of plastic plates and all sat on the floor – which by the way is a lot more fun than having a dinner at a table. I wish them many happy memories there!

Thanks for reading you lovely lot, this is something I will be doing every month now, a nice little re-cap of the month just gone 🙂


Love From Liv xo





2 thoughts on “What Happened In May

  1. busy month for you!! What cinema was that you went to? Sounds great 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I know, it was quite a busy one. Its the Vue in Cambridge. Defo worth a visit & the prices are the same as normal cinema x

      Liked by 1 person

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