A lovely day in Lavenham


I decided to take off a couple of days off work a few weeks ago and spend those 2 days with my bestie, we decided one day we would go for a walk in the forest which we did and walked 10 miles, YEP 10. Safe to say we were zonked after. On the other day we decided to go to a little village we had never been to before and Lavenham was the one we chose, I had already heard nice things about Lavenham so I was looking forward to going. Me and my friend are very similar in terms of the kinds of days out we enjoy, which is probably why we have been best friends for so long or at least that helps.

When we first got to Lavenham we both just said how incredibly cute it all was. It is filled with old medieval looking buildings, pubs, little shops & tea rooms (our fave). It is also very much in the countryside which makes it even nicer.

We parked outside a spa which we did not know at the time that it was a spa. We went in for a little look around as they have a shop section where you can browse all the products they sell. The ladies in there were very friendly and helpful. We could see outside in to the little courtyard that there was a hot pool built in to the ground, it was small and square but looked very effective. We both decided that we were going to book and go back for one of their packages they do there at the Weavers House Spa which include afternoon tea and treatments. I found it very tranquil and modern, I am looking forward to booking a day there!


Next we went on and walked up the street a bit further and came across a shop called Posy. You know that when you look at a shop and just think I know I’m going to love this one. We went in and I think the only words that came out of our mouths was ‘wow’ ‘ooooh’ and ‘omg’. I wanted to put everything that was in this shop in my basket and fill my house with it all. We were just in awe over this shop, it was filled with everything you can imagine candles, bath salts, bowls, mugs, jewelry, bags, handmade cards, kids bits, pictures, quirky one off bits and so much more. We spoke with the lovely lady who owns Posy, she advised us that she had only been open for 3 weeks and wanted the items in the shop to be different to what you would usually find in shops similar, I defo think she nailed it! The owner is also an artist, she paints pictures in her spare time and they were all beautiful. We ended up having a quite long conversation with the owner which is always lovely when you go to a shop and the owners make time to have conversations with their customers. Of course both me and my friend didn’t leave empty handed. This is a shop I will 100% go back to!







After all our mooching around we then decided we were hungry but now we had to choose out of the many tea rooms. We decided to go back to one that we saw when we left the car. A tea room called Munnings Emporium and Tearooms in a big old crooked house, lunch with a side of history and character.





We had a lovely lunch which consisted of sandwiches, soups, cake and lots of tea. What did really impress me was the tea room had quite a large selection of gluten free foods, I eat gluten free so this was fantastic for me. Everything was home made and they had such a wide selection of foods. As the tearoom is situated in a very old crooked house it was very interesting to look around, the room has about 5-6 tables in and there is more seating upstairs but it does feel like you are having lunch in someone else’s front room which is a bit bizarre but I guess that’s all part of the experience as it is a house. There is also gift shop which was spread out from downstairs to upstairs. You are able to go and walk around the upstairs via a extremely narrow and steep staircase. It was a very interesting place and would certainly go back for lunch!

I would advise anyone to go and visit Lavenham if you are around that area, have a walk around and some lunch. Everything has pretty much been kept the same for many years so it is an extremely vintage place which makes it special.

Hope you all enjoyed reading this!

Love from Liv xo



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