The A-Z Of Me

I personally love blog posts where you get to know the person behind the blog better. Recently on twitter I saw this blog post by Lady Writes and thought it was such a good idea. I somehow managed to find something to write for each letter of the alphabet. God knows how, it took me a while, no doubt I have forgotten some main things that I love/hate. Hope you enjoy this.

Anxiety – The bain of my life. I had to include anxiety as it is something that I suffer/deal with on a daily basis. Unfortunately it is something that is very much in my life.

Baking – I love to bake, I find it so calming and relaxing. Anyone who knows me knows that baking is my thing. Its something you can do and put all your time and energy into whilst you are doing it. Also it lets your creative side out to play!

Cats – Cats, cats, cats. I love cats.

Devon – Devon is somewhere I have been going to since I was a baby. We have a family home in a little village called Beer, I absolutely adore this little fishing village. This place definitely stole my heart.

Elderflower – I’m a sucker for anything Elderflower…

Friends – Real life Friends and the ones on the TV. Friends are the people we turn to no matter what. Besides our families, friends are very important people! The TV programme Friends is also my favourite thing on TV ever.

GCSE’S – I did not do well in my GCSE’S. Lets just leave that there, shall we!

Home – I am without a doubt a complete home bird. My home to me is like my little safety net in life. Especially when I am suffering with anxiety and I am not at home, I’m just desperate to get back to my little safe haven.

 IPhone – Hate to say it but my iPhone is definitely something that I could not live without and is a very staple part of my life. As sad as that is.

Jack Daniels – Hate the stuff, even the smell. Bleeeeugh

Kardashians – Yep, I love em, all of em. I can’t help it, I have been a fan since day one. Personally I love Khloe.

Luke – This is my boyfriend. Apple of my eye he is.

Makeup – Definitely a huge staple in my life and is also where a chunk of my money goes every month, OOPS.

Nephew – This little boy just makes my heart hurt. He literally lights up my life. He is 100% the best human ever!

OCD – Another daily struggle of mine. Some days it is at an acceptable level and other days it gets a bit out of hand. OCD is a very frustrating thing to live with. (I am happy to do a post on this if it is requested.)

Pyjamas –Without a shadow of a doubt PJ’s are my favourite things to wear. I feel like I want to make the dress code to my house ‘Pyjamas only’. I also love to buy pyjamas. I’m not the only one who can’t leave Primark without a new pair of PJ’s. I know I’m not.

Quitting – I quit smoking in September 2013, it was the best thing I ever did. I smoked for 9 years. I just got to the point where I wasn’t enjoying it any more and it was actually making me feel anxious. I literally snapped up my cigarettes whilst I was on holiday in Turkey and never picked another one up ever again.

Roast dinner – My number one dinner. I always fancy a roast!

Sunsets – Sunsets are by far one of my favourite things in life. They are so beautiful and relaxing to watch. I just love seeing the sun going down and all the colours it creates in the sky.

Tea – OBVS. Do I even need to go in to this? If you know me, you know I’m tea queen.

Urinate – I am actually laughing as I write this because I know it is TMI but I have the smallest bladder and need a wee so many times in the day. It’s actually such an inconvenience. People who know me know this fact about me and people who meet me for the first time tend to comment on the fact that I pee a lot.

Venice – I am dying to go to Venice. It looks incredible.

Water – I LOVE water. Drinking it, being in it, seeing it, hearing it. I love anything water related. Water makes me feel incredibly calm. I am also a massive lover of streams. Don’t ask me why but I just am.

X-Ray – I mean I could not think of any thing else that started with X. I have only have 2 X-Rays that I know of. One was of my teeth in the dentist and the other was on my wrist.

YouTube – I’m addicted.

Zzz – I love sleep, I can’t get enough. Although I do struggle getting to sleep.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, feel free to do this tag yourself, I would love to read them. If you do this tag please add a link to my blog.

Thanks so much for reading

Love From Liv xo



1 thought on “The A-Z Of Me

  1. Love this I need to do this!! thank you great post


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