Born Wild Tea Review

A lovely company called Born Wild Tea recently sent me 4 of their beautiful tea blends. As we all know here I am a massive sucker for tea, I bloody love the stuff. I was asked by Charlotte at Born Wild Tea what blends I would like, I replied and said that I was happy with a mixture but caffeine free as I do not live that caffeine life. Anxiety and caffeine do not get along.

Born Wild Tea website…

When I received my teas, I could smell all the gorgeous blends through the envelope. Which obviously made me excited to try them. I invited one of my friends over to do the taste test with me, 2 opinions are always better than one. So without further ado…


‘Do Not Disturb’ tea:

This was my favourite one, you could really taste the camomile and lemon grass the strongest. Such a lovely tea for the nighttime, I found it very calming. This is the tea I am definitely going to be reaching for when I need a good nights sleep. The blend in the packet is so pretty with little camomile flowers and lavender.

do not sidturb.png

Please click here for Do Not Disturb tea…

‘Reggae Refresh’ tea:

Now this one literally smelt incredible in the pack and when it was brewing, the smell of mango and papaya floating around the room. This tea is a very fruity mix but also very uplifting with its hints of lemon grass and ginger.


Please click here for Reggae Refresh tea…

‘Chocolate Strawberries’ Tea:

The aroma of this tea is very chocolaty but as soon as you brew it and taste it, it literally tastes like chocolate covered strawberries. This one was an unusual one for me as I have never had a tea blend with cocoa in but my friend absolutely loved this one, it was her favourite blend.


Please click here for Chocolate Strawberry tea

‘Detox Delight’ tea:

This to me would be the all time tea during winter, with some of the ingredients being; fennel, cloves and cinnamon. Those were also the main flavours I could taste. If someone was to tell me to describe the scent in one word, it would have to be Christmas. It’s such a warming, comforting blend. Also its such a lovely colour when it’s all brewed.


Please click here for Detox Delight tea…

Please click on the links above if any of the teas pick your fancy. Born Wild Tea also have a wide range of teas to choose, some of which contain caffeine and some are completely caffeine free so they tailor to everyone’s needs. All of which look very tasty and interesting.

Born Wild Tea was such a lovely company to do a review for, very good communication and helpful.

Born Wild Tea have kindly given you guys a discount code which will take 10% off your order which is: lovefromliv – this is used at check out.

Thanks for reading, see you all next week,

Love From Liv xo

*Images are from the Born Wild Tea website*


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