Lee Stafford Academy – Bloggers Event

On Thursday 25th February myself and several other bloggers got invited to the bloggers event at the Lee Stafford Academy in Chelmsford, Essex. Prior to going we had a choice to choose between having a back massage, facial, manicure or hair styling. I chose to have my hair styled and to have a back massage.

The Salon is pink and purple with an amazing pink lift! The salon has hair and beauty departments, the hair being all based downstairs and the beauty salon is upstairs. The salon opened in 2012 and offers training of level 1 – level 3 qualifications. Seems like a very nice space to learn and have fun!


The evening started by the man himself Lee Stafford giving us all a talk and going back down memory lane to where he first started his hairdressing career which by the way was in from his parents dining room for 5-6 years. Who would have thought it? He then ran us through his logic on education, his approach  and theories. You could tell from what he was saying that he is incredibly passionate about hairdressing itself and the education of others when it comes to learning hairdressing. I think a lot of us felt quite inspired by him once the talk was finished. He also seemed like a really genuine down to earth guy.


After the talk we all headed over to the buffet which had been laid for us, which was very tasty. We all then got taken to our treatments, I had hairstyling first which was a great experience I had my hair washed with Lee Stafford products of course then I had my hair blow dried and then curled which looked really lovely, if I do say so myself. I think the girls who did it which are level 2 in hairdressing did a great job. I then went up to beauty and had my back massage which was also really lovely.

I had such a good time at the event, everyone was really lovely and was clear to see that a lot of effort had been put in to the evening. We also got some great bits in the goody bag which I will look forward to using.


Love From Liv xo


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