Biscuteers Mothers Day Tea For Two Tin

I received The Mothers Day Tea For Two Tin from Biscuteers and I could not wait to see what the tin and the biscuits looked like. Well I was not disappointed, the tin in itself is absolutely beautiful. I opened the perfectly sealed paper which then revealed the biscuits inside, yet again, no disappointments here. The biscuits were in the shapes of teacups and teapots and iced to perfection with the cutest designs on.


I mean come on… can we talk about how bloomin’ cute they are!!


Of course I had to taste one within 10 seconds of opening them (I took hundreds of pictures first, obviously.) Once again I was not disappointed, these were not to just be looked at, even though I definitely felt as if they were far too gorgeous to even eat! The biscuits tasted heavenly. Sweet, golden & crunchy. The icing tasted very nice as well.


After I had taken photos and tried and tested the biscuits. I shared the biscuits with my Mum and she was very impressed with the taste and the design of the biscuits. She advised that she would have loved to of received this as a gift for Mothers Day. What is not to love? Great to taste and adorable to look at.


I personally think these make such a perfect gift and you wouldn’t even have to wrap the tin as it is so beautifully presented as it is. If you think these would be a perfect gift for Mothers Day then click here.

Love From Liv xo



4 thoughts on “Biscuteers Mothers Day Tea For Two Tin

  1. OMG these are the cutest thing I have ever seen, and possibly the best Instagram props haha just how my mind works? Lovely post xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. These are super cute! Love the tin they come in and the biscuits definitely look too good to eat haha.. They certainly would make a lovely gift for a tea lover! Stick some nice teabags and maybe a mug and you’re sorted 🙂

    Love Hannah xx


    1. 100% they would be such a great gift!! xx


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