I love Fridays as much as the next person who works a Monday – Friday week. If you work weekends then soz. I do not envy you. There are thousands of reasons to love Friday’s, but I thought I would just whittle it down to 10. Keep it plain and simple. 10 reasons why I absolutely love Friday…

  1. Goodbye alarms for the next 2 days, which means all the lie-ins if you want them.

     2. The world is your oyster for the next 2 days, do as you please.

     3. You get to catch up with all the people that you don’t get to see during the week.

     4. Stay up as late as you want, even pull an all-nighter if you’re feeling brave enough.

    5. It feels as though everyone is a bit more relaxed on a Friday, all the chilled vibes.

    6. Most work places allow dress down Fridays which is great, dress like a slob at work or wear your best gear because it is Friday after all and that is a celebration in itself!

    7. Having a take-away on a Friday night is more than acceptable, you earned it after the hard week you have just had.

   8. If you plan to spend the next 2 days in the walls of your own home, in your pyjamas that is absolutely fine. No one will judge you here.

9. Making plans on a Friday for your exciting weekend ahead makes Friday just that little bit better.

10. Friday is the only day you get that Friday feeling, one of the best in the world!

AND breathe, its very nearly the weekend…

Love from Liv xo


3 thoughts on “T.G.I.F

  1. Got to love Fridays 🙂
    We have a cake trolley come round on a Friday and my god the options are looking good today!
    Think I’m going to get a red velvet cheesecake – naughty! x


  2. LIEINSLIEINSLIEINSLIEINS THAT’S SO ME OMG LIE INS ARE MY LOVE. Friday’s are so good and i’m honestly so freaking happy it’s finally come!

    lovely post,
    Daizy from| http://www.ZyaandDaizy.wordpress.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha, agreed! Lie ins are the one x


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