Lee Stafford Academy – Bloggers Event

On Thursday 25th February myself and several other bloggers got invited to the bloggers event at the Lee Stafford Academy in Chelmsford, Essex. Prior to going we had a choice to choose between having a back massage, facial, manicure or hair styling. I chose to have my hair styled and to have a back massage.

The Salon is pink and purple with an amazing pink lift! The salon has hair and beauty departments, the hair being all based downstairs and the beauty salon is upstairs. The salon opened in 2012 and offers training of level 1 – level 3 qualifications. Seems like a very nice space to learn and have fun!


The evening started by the man himself Lee Stafford giving us all a talk and going back down memory lane to where he first started his hairdressing career which by the way was in from his parents dining room for 5-6 years. Who would have thought it? He then ran us through his logic on education, his approach  and theories. You could tell from what he was saying that he is incredibly passionate about hairdressing itself and the education of others when it comes to learning hairdressing. I think a lot of us felt quite inspired by him once the talk was finished. He also seemed like a really genuine down to earth guy.


After the talk we all headed over to the buffet which had been laid for us, which was very tasty. We all then got taken to our treatments, I had hairstyling first which was a great experience I had my hair washed with Lee Stafford products of course then I had my hair blow dried and then curled which looked really lovely, if I do say so myself. I think the girls who did it which are level 2 in hairdressing did a great job. I then went up to beauty and had my back massage which was also really lovely.

I had such a good time at the event, everyone was really lovely and was clear to see that a lot of effort had been put in to the evening. We also got some great bits in the goody bag which I will look forward to using.


Love From Liv xo


Biscuteers Mothers Day Tea For Two Tin

I received The Mothers Day Tea For Two Tin from Biscuteers and I could not wait to see what the tin and the biscuits looked like. Well I was not disappointed, the tin in itself is absolutely beautiful. I opened the perfectly sealed paper which then revealed the biscuits inside, yet again, no disappointments here. The biscuits were in the shapes of teacups and teapots and iced to perfection with the cutest designs on.


I mean come on… can we talk about how bloomin’ cute they are!!


Of course I had to taste one within 10 seconds of opening them (I took hundreds of pictures first, obviously.) Once again I was not disappointed, these were not to just be looked at, even though I definitely felt as if they were far too gorgeous to even eat! The biscuits tasted heavenly. Sweet, golden & crunchy. The icing tasted very nice as well.


After I had taken photos and tried and tested the biscuits. I shared the biscuits with my Mum and she was very impressed with the taste and the design of the biscuits. She advised that she would have loved to of received this as a gift for Mothers Day. What is not to love? Great to taste and adorable to look at.


I personally think these make such a perfect gift and you wouldn’t even have to wrap the tin as it is so beautifully presented as it is. If you think these would be a perfect gift for Mothers Day then click here.

Love From Liv xo




I love Fridays as much as the next person who works a Monday – Friday week. If you work weekends then soz. I do not envy you. There are thousands of reasons to love Friday’s, but I thought I would just whittle it down to 10. Keep it plain and simple. 10 reasons why I absolutely love Friday…

  1. Goodbye alarms for the next 2 days, which means all the lie-ins if you want them.

     2. The world is your oyster for the next 2 days, do as you please.

     3. You get to catch up with all the people that you don’t get to see during the week.

     4. Stay up as late as you want, even pull an all-nighter if you’re feeling brave enough.

    5. It feels as though everyone is a bit more relaxed on a Friday, all the chilled vibes.

    6. Most work places allow dress down Fridays which is great, dress like a slob at work or wear your best gear because it is Friday after all and that is a celebration in itself!

    7. Having a take-away on a Friday night is more than acceptable, you earned it after the hard week you have just had.

   8. If you plan to spend the next 2 days in the walls of your own home, in your pyjamas that is absolutely fine. No one will judge you here.

9. Making plans on a Friday for your exciting weekend ahead makes Friday just that little bit better.

10. Friday is the only day you get that Friday feeling, one of the best in the world!

AND breathe, its very nearly the weekend…

Love from Liv xo

January Favourites 2016

After getting so much for Christmas I was surrounded by potential new favourites. Also sale shopping commenced and I did pick up a couple of little bits of course! I have tried out various different products, foods, items etc over the last month and managed to narrow it down to a couple of favourites that really stood out for me. So without further ado, my January faves:

Tanya Burr – Just Peachy


I love this lip gloss, I love the packaging, taste, smell and colour. It goes on the lips a sort of barely there pink/peachy colour but just leaves the lips looking really glossy and pretty. It has enough colour so you can see there is a colour on your lips but nothing in your face or loud. Just simple and lovely.

Nars – Orgasm


This blusher is one of those products that just got shoved to the back of my makeup draw. A forgotten about gem. I re-discovered it again this month and fell back on love with it. The blush leaves such a pretty colour on your cheeks a very natural colour with a gold shimmer in it. Definitely wont be forgetting about that one again.

Paco Rabanne – Olympia


What a smell! Holy moly. This is the scent I’ve been waiting for my whole adult perfume wearing life. It is such a feminine perfume and the bottle is serious eye candy. I will be very surprised if this perfume lasts me any more than 6 months!

Burts Bees – Lip Shine


I have the shade Pucker. It is really shiny and glossy but the colour isn’t apparent which is what I really like about it. Plus it tastes really nice which is always a bonus. I love the fact that Burts Bees products are made with 100% natural ingredients and these lip shines are made with apricot wax. They feel so lovely.

Kind Natured – Shampoo and Conditioner


97% natural, free from Sulphates, Parabens & Petrochemicals. What’s not to love about that? The scent I got was Coconut and Shea, I picked this up because I love anything coconut scented. These make my hair feel so clean and silky soft, I have definitely found my favourite brand of hair care for the time being!

Rebel Kitchen – Mylk


THIS item, has been featured in a previous months favourites as well. I literally cannot get enough. I also found out that Tesco have stopped stocking this, which literally broke my heart haha. These are made from coconut milk, date nectar, spring water & cacao. Guilt free version of a little milkshake. They are perfect for when you just need that little bit of sweet chocolaty goodness. They have a variety of different flavours now which is so good.

Liz Earle – Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask


This comes out as a fairly thick white mask. Apply to the skin and wait for 10-15 mins. The mask goes clear and just sinks in to the skin and you wipe away any residue with a muslin cloth after. It feels so hydrating and soft. Definitely recommend this mask if your skin is dry and stressed. Such a lovely mask.

Nakd – Bakewell Tart


OMG this bar. Is my life at the moment when it comes to little snacks. I am trying to loose a little bit of weight and I find these are a great snack to grab as they keep you fuller for longer and have great ingredients in them. Also it literally smells and tastes just like a bakewell tart.

Next – Simply Peach Lipstick


I picked this up because my mum actually kept saying how much she loves Next lipsticks. That woman is a complete lipstick connoisseur so I trust her judgement. Next do 5 lipsticks and I picked 2 up and I really love them both but the colour I have been reaching for the most is definitely Simply Peach. They are matte lipsticks and have long staying power. If you like matte lipsticks you will love these. They are also very highly pigmented.

Vanity Planet – Facial Brush


I was very excited to try this facial brush. I know that there has been a lot of hype around facial brushes at the moment, I thought I would see what its all about. Within the first week or so my skin completely broke out and was really playing up but that is the idea because it draws all the crap out of your skin. So don’t be worried or scared off when this happens as it will. I use mine 2-3 times a week and I really like it. I feel like I get a proper deep cleanse when I am using the facial brush. I can personally see a difference when I use the brush.

Fiorelli – Tote Bag


I was casually browsing through the TK Maxx website, looking at all the hundreds of bags on their site. I knew I wanted a bag that wasn’t black as I have one that I use daily, so I wanted to step away from black and have another colour option. I saw this bag and thought, perfect, that’s exactly what I am looking for. It is such a lovely colour called “Stone”. Very sturdy, nice amount of pockets inside and is just the right size, not too small not too big. Just perfect. I think I will probably use this bag to death now.

Boohoo – Eva Double Circle Layer Necklace


This necklace caught my eye, I absolutely love layering and this was perfect as it is 2 necklaces together. I do tuck the long one in sometimes so its just the shorter necklace by itself which works great. I just love the look it gives. I have defo been pairing it with most of my outfits recently


Love From Liv xo