What I Would Tell My 16 Year Old Self

What I Would Tell My 16 Year Old Self

Well, we have all been 16 and we all know what a weird time of life that is. So much to think about, boys, appearance, life, jobs, GCSE’s, friends… Literally everything it feels like. Brain frazzled.

What even does really matter at 16? Life was a BREEZE. Lets be real. When you look back and compare how your life is now to when you were 16. What I would do to turn back the hands of time and re-do a lot of things I should have done and not done.

As its nearly 10 years since I was 16 I thought I would reminisce and this is what I would tell 16 year old Liv…

  • Take more photos, although you have 559896 albums on your slowly running computer, take more!
  • You should never have bunked P.E – what did you achieve really?
  • Sorry but parents are right, hate to say it.
  • Babes, the hair, you need to tame that frizz!
  • Seriously save your money, you are going to grow up and have no savings. Thanks for nothing.
  • That person who made snarky comments to you and make you feel self-conscious, where are they now?
  • Of course Mum doesn’t want you to hang around a park at night, you know your safe but she doesn’t. Selfish
  • So, that massive bottle of £2.50 Lambrini was never a good idea was it though?
  • Hair mousse won’t always be an essential. That phase does pass.
  • That green eyeliner never looked cute. EVER.
  • That boyfriend that you wanted to marry and have babies with aka the one in your MSN name. He is not the one and will never be.
  • GCSE’s are important. I mean they don’t make you who you are but they do help with going to Uni and getting jobs.
  • Mate, stand up for your self. Do NOT be a doormat.
  • Just because all of your friends have their career paths sorted, doesn’t mean you are a failure.
  • Why so sensitive?
  • Cutting your own side fringe is not ok. You aren’t a hairdresser, remember that.
  • That MSN name of your fave love song is not discreet – NOTICE ME
  • School is not bad, school is good and fun. Enjoy it before the real world slaps you in the face. Hard.
  • Boys slapping your bum and pulling your skirts up for the lols – that will stop when you leave school, boys do grow up, kind of.
  • That scrummy top 5 though….
  • Putting massive strips of blonde through your hair, doesn’t look nice. It looks like custard streaks.
  • Girl, why smoke? Come on.
  • That polyphonic ring tone – tuuuuuuuuune.
  • Shoving all your belongings in your bra – please stop.
  • THE TOOTH GEM. Christ no. It does not make you look buff.
  • I don’t want to scare anyone but MSN Messenger isn’t the be all and end all. SOZ
  • Boys from other schools are always cooler than the ones in your own school. They are magical.
  • Crack on using LimeWire. You won’t get arrested. You’re all good.
  • All your Bessie mates in school 2geva 4eva crew, that will probably change.
  • Missed the school bus? Didn’t want to get on it anyway. Miss independent.
  • That heartbreak though from your one true love. Its ok, they get worse. You are just learning.
  • If you hadn’t of bunked majority of your lessons, you probably would have done ok. Silly.

I really enjoyed going back to a 16 year olds mind set, remembering lots of memories to help me write this.

I hope you all liked it & I am sure you can all relate.

Enjoy xxx


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