October Favourites

October Favourites

Good Afternoon everyone,

Erm, sorry but where the hell did October go? That absolutely the quickest month ever!

Any who, these are the things I have been loving through out the month of October and why I have loved them.

Lush Oatifix Facemask

Now, I love this facemask a lot. I hate facemasks that go tight on your face, not sure why just don’t love the feeling. This facemask does not go tight, it stays buttery on your skin. It has Oatmeal in so it is bitty because of this, but this is what exfoliates your skin when you are applying the product. It is very gentle, I have such sensitive skin on my face, majority of facial products give me a rash and make me blotchy, but not this little beauty! I leave it on for 10-15 minutes after I was it off my skin feels so protected and moisturised! I have used this a lot this month and definitely love it.

New Laptop

I don’t know about you but I am not down with all the new technology when it comes to laptops and computers, although everyone says you worked in Comet for years you should know something about technology, well the real truth is my time spent at Comet hiding upstairs and eating McDonalds! So I needed a laptop for me to do blog bits and just generally think its useful to have a laptop anyway. It was a very quick and easy process, I told the man exactly what I needed it for and he pointed me in the direction of the best ones in my price range and that was the end of that, I walked out very happy cuddling my new laptop. I have loved having a laptop, makes such a difference using a laptop rather than my phone. Makes writing my blogs so much easier, so that pleases me!

Treacle Moon Shower Gel

This stuff smells INCREDIBLE, they have so many different scents. I personally love the coconut one, as I love anything coconut smelling or flavoured. Its lovely in the shower, makes my skin feel moisturised and leaves my skin smelling amazing. They come in big bottles and are such great value for money. I definitely recommend this product.

Bourjois Air Mat Foundation

What drew me to this product was its packaging, I thought it actually looked quite high end. This is a really nice foundation if you are having one of those days where you don’t really want to wear loads of make-up. It is very light-weight and is quite high coverage. I found it very easy to blend. I don’t use this foundation everyday, I use it on days where I kind of want to have a no make-up day but not look like I am half dead or still asleep. For they days that I have worn this product I have really like it.

Make-up Brush Washing Glove

I came across this item on Amazon, as I was browsing through pages of gorgeous make-up items. I saw the glove and just immediately thought, that’s going straight in my basket! Its a small silicone half egg type shape, with ridges and small raised knobs. The glove fits on 2 fingers and this is how you hold it. It is small and compact so will fit in your makeup bag, if you ever wish to take it away with you. It cleans my make-up brushes so well. I use baby shampoo to wash my brushes. I put a small amount of product on to the glove, wet the brush and rub the brush all over it until there is no more product left on the brush. Very useful and effective.

Cooling Eye Mask

I wear contact lenses and glasses, one thing the optician is always saying to me is “your eyes are so dry Miss Mayes” – cheers. I saw these in boots and they stated they help cool tired eyes, helps moisture in the eyes also it refreshes and rejuvenates the eyes. Perfect, just what I need. You need to pop the masks in the fridge for a while, take your glasses off and contacts out (only when you are ready to use the eye masks otherwise you are in trouble), lay down and place the eye mask on your eyes for 10 minutes. It will feel cold and wet on your eyes but after the 10 minutes is up, your eyes will feel so refreshed and awake.

My monthly Tea Favourite

My tea of choice this month is definitely just a good old cup of regular tea, milk & 3 sweeteners! I drink all decaf teas so I don’t remember the feeling of a caffeine kick which is fine by me. I find a normal cup of tea so warming and comforting, especially just before bed. Also I have really been feeling the cold this month so there’s no better way to warm up with a big mug of tea. Lovely!

Pictures are to follow. Having a technology issue at the moment 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading what my October favourites have been.

Liv xxx


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