Kitty Watch & Dreamcatcher Ring from Arcus Accessories

Kitty Watch & Dreamcatcher Ring from Arcus Accessories

When I first went on I spotted the Kitty Watch instantly and said to myself, I have to have this watch – being that I am a huge cat lover! I carried on looking through the site and fell in love with the Dream Catcher Ring.

Arcus Accessories have a lovely variety of jewellery on their site perfect for everyone.

I have worn the watch everyday since having it and have had so many compliments on it. It is comfortable to wear and makes me smile every time I look at it. My watch makes me happy!

I have worn the dream catcher ring once to an evening out, I think it is just so beautiful and different. It will definitely be a staple part of my jewellery collection from now on.

Arcus Accessories are a lovely brand, the delivery was very quick, they have great communication also they are based in the UK and they have free standard UK delivery.

Above I have put a picture of the ring and the watch for you all to see.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and take a look at Arcus Accessories

Liv xxx

This product was given to me at a discounted rate in return for an honest review. This has in no way shaped my thoughts or opinions.


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