Don’t Put It Off

Don’t Put It Off

So, you find something odd on a part of your body. What do you do, see a Doctor or leave it and hope it goes away?

I found something on my body 5 years ago, I never said anything to anyone, never saw my Doctor about it. I just hoped it would go away but it never did.

I suffer with health anxiety which makes anything to do with your health tricky. I had sort of just accepted this was something really bad and it was going to be a horrible ending. I was petrified about going to the doctors, I didn’t want to hear bad news. This ‘thing’ I was dealing with was something I had never ever seen it on anyone else and never heard anyone talk about which is why I presumed it was something awful. I had totally convinced my self that I was terminally ill and there was nothing anyone could do.

As you can imagine 5 years of worry and dread has built up inside me. Making my anxiety a million times worse. Eating away at my sanity daily. Every time I would feel unwell for what ever reason I put it down to the fact I had this secret ‘thing’ and it was that which was causing me to feel unwell. Which just made my mind spiral out of control.

About 2 weeks ago I was sitting at work, browsing through Facebook as you do and I saw an article, the picture in the article looked like what I had. I clicked on the article, filled with dread and fear. I was reading, my heart was pounding out of my chest, all the symptoms were exactly what I have been having over these years and I read the words “not harmful”. I was filled again with hope that this wasn’t something dreadful. I burst in to tears once I read the article, all this time worrying about something that was not harmful and not deadly. I felt so relieved.

I made a Doctors appointment that day, I wanted to confirm that what I had just read was true. Luckily the Doctor had an appointment the next day.

I went to the Doctors riddled with anxiety thinking what if this isn’t what I have read, what if it is something else. My dad actually came with me to my Doctors appointment as I am not so great at doing medical things by myself. The Doctor called my name and I felt a huge wave of sickness hit me. I went in to the room and explained what I was wrong. The Doctor had a look and confirmed that what I had read was in fact true, it is not harmful and there is no cure its just something that will be on my body forever. Turns out 1 in 4 people have this, who would have known? This ‘thing’ had a name and was not a ‘thing’ any more! The felt a surge of relief run through my entire body. I could not believe what I had kept inside for all this time and worried about like crazy is nothing. The black cloud that had been following me for 5 years has vanished and a huge weight has been lifted.

Moral of the story is, go and see your Doctor when you find something on your body you are unsure of. I have definitely learnt my lesson here. I am very lucky and grateful that it turned out to be nothing serious.

If I can do it, so can you x


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