Anxiety & Panic Attacks – Do’s and Dont’s

Anxiety & Panic Attacks – Do’s and Dont’s

Whether it be an anxiety attack or a panic attack, I thought I would do a post with some tips on how to help comfort someone during this time. Also some very important things NOT to say or do.

I know when people are having an attack, sometimes people around them do not know what to do or how to respond. Hopefully some of these will help, so when/if it happens next time you are with someone who suffers you will know what to do.

After speaking to many people who suffer with anxiety and panic, I have learnt that we all like to be dealt with in many different ways.

Some people like to be left alone and some like people around them. It’s all personal preference, it’s what ever makes you feel like you can overcome this attack the best way. Many people feel claustrophobic and crowded when they are panicking – I suffer with this.

I have collated a bunch of ideas on how to help and also by what I like and speaking to other anxiety suffers to get an idea on how they like to be dealt with.


  1.   Comfort – There is nothing worse than having an attack and not feeling comforted by someone.
  2.   Just do what they ask of you – If they want you to move away. MOVE. if they want a drink. GET IT.
  3.   Make them feel safe – Tell them they are fine and safe.
  4.   Be reassuring – If you have to repeat things then do, “you are fine” “nothing is going to happen”.
  5.   Just stay – If this person wants you to leave, don’t, always stay close by.
  6.   Move them to a quiet place – If this attack happens in a busy environment, just get them out of there.
  7.   Patience – This is so important. Please be patient no matter how hard it is. I promise it means everything to us!
  8.   Some people like to be touched – Hold hands, rub their back or hold their knee.
  9.   Suggest going for a walk – Some people like to try and walk anxiety off.
  10. Distraction – try talking, about absolutely anything. Distract their mind.
  11. Breathing – Try to get them to focus on their breathing. This will really help slow everything down.


  1.   Do not panic when they panic – That will make everything worse. We can sense when you are panicking too!
  2.   Do not sit in silence – Unless they want you to.
  3.   Do not suggest anything medically wrong with them.
  4.   Do not say calm down.
  5.   Do not keep asking what they are panicking about.
  6.   Do not leave.
  7.   Do not make them feel like they are an inconvenience.
  8.   Do not keep asking what is wrong.
  9.   Do not get frustrated – we can also sense that.
  10. Do not say that they are overreacting – What ever you do, do not say that.
  11. Once they have calmed down – Do not speak about it. Positivity only now.

Hopefully this helps you, if you have someone who suffers with anxiety and panic attacks in your life. Plus you never know who you are going to meet along your journey, reading this information could come in handy somewhere along the line.

Enjoy! xxx


2 thoughts on “Anxiety & Panic Attacks – Do’s and Dont’s

  1. I need to send this to everyone in my life. So true.

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