50 Facts About Me

Hello Everyone 🙂

I admittedly did hesitate about doing this post, telling you all 50 random facts about me but I am feeling open and brave!

So here we go…

  1.  I am 5’3 and a half inches
  2.  I have a lump on my tongue from when I fell upstairs when I was younger – its a scar
  3.  I am scared of dogs
  4.  When I was younger my dream job was to be an archaeologist
  5.   I LOVE anything glittery and sparkly
  6.   I am obsessed with cats
  7.   When I was in primary school I won the joy cup for being the happiest student
  8.   I always have to carry water with me where ever I am
  9.   I am half Spanish
  10. My first car was a black KA called Apple
  11. I have moved house 12 times
  12. I love anything tea related
  13. Ladybirds freak me out
  14. I carry a medical bag in my handbag
  15. My first job was in a German shop called Tchibo
  16. My favourite flowers are Peony’s
  17. I hate the heat
  18. My favourite colours are Purple and Orange
  19. My favourite dinner is a roast
  20. I hate marmite
  21. I have a soft spot for Louis Walsh
  22. I used to audition for TV adverts when I was younger
  23. I have a massive fear of illness and death
  24. Devon is my favourite place ever
  25. It doesn’t phase me to pick up daddy long legs
  26. I am rubbish at replying to texts
  27. Elderflower is my favourite drink
  28. I am candle obsessed
  29. I have a lisp
  30. I have horrific eye sight, with out my glasses or contact lenses I am useless
  31. I smoked from 14 years old to 23.
  32. I have a weird love for fields
  33. I love to bake
  34. I have 2 siblings, 1 brother & 1 sister
  35. PJ’s are my favourite thing to buy
  36. I religiously wrote a diary for 6 years, I never skipped a page
  37. I hate anything that crawls
  38. My favourite numbers are 4, 14 & 44
  39. I have a teddy called Floss
  40. I like listening to audio books
  41. I only learnt to tell the time last year
  42. If I feel uncomfortable I will not shut up
  43. I have been driving for 4 years
  44. It took me 7 times to pass my theory test
  45. I have never had pie and mash
  46. I have 2 tattoos
  47. I once sang a Spice Girl’s song live on Capital FM
  48. I hate Mexican food
  49. Poached egg on toast is my favourite breakfast
  50. I was a very accident prone child, I even had a hospital nightie.

It is surprisingly hard to think about 50 facts of yourself, believe it or not.

Hope you have all enjoyed.

Liv xxx


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