Jadu Tea London Review

Jadu Tea London Review

When I saw this opportunity come up I obviously grabbed it with both hands. For every one that knows me, knows that I absolutely love tea, all kinds. I have cupboards and draws filled with all sorts of weird and wonderful teas. I have a tea addiction. There you go, I said it.

I cant help how comforted I feel by drinking a lovely warm flavoursome mug of tea.

When this lovely company got in touch, I was advised to look on their website and decide which teas I want to try. I chose the Calming Chamomile, Mint Melange and Woodland Fruits. I could not wait for the parcel to arrive to get trying.

Calming Chamomile




Lime Flowers



Milk Thistle


The blend of tea is beautiful to look at before you put the water in. So natural and interesting. The aroma of this tea is absolutely gorgeous, you can smell majority of the ingredients listed which works so well. When I took a sip of the tea I just felt my self unwind, this is the most perfect tea for the evening and when you are feeling like you need a little bit of calm in your life. Calming chamomile is very easy to drink with a wonderfully floral but subtle taste. This tea is also great for detoxifying and cleansing. I absolutely loved drinking this tea and everything about it.

Woodland Fruit


Hibiscus Petals

Apple Pieces


Freeze Dried Blackcurrants


Blackcurrant Leaves

Raspberry Pieces

Strawberry Pieces


Blackberry Leaves


To look at this blend is gorgeous, all the dried red berries and the dried green leaves, which is very pleasing on the eye. It is so colourful and wintery looking which perfect for this season. The smell of this tea whilst it is infusing is so incredible and sweet. To taste, Woodland Fruit is very easy to drink, fairly sweet tasting but in a pleasant way. Very mellow and filled with antioxidants which is great. The after taste of this tea was lovely also. This tea is absolutely perfect for a cold winters day to warm you up nicely.

Mint Melange





I am such a sucker for mint teas, I knew from even opening this I was going to love it. The smell in the packet and whilst it is infusing is so strong and minty. When I drank the tea it is not overpoweringly strong. Mint Melange is very smooth and tastes great, you can definitely taste both the peppermint and the spearmint as well a each other. I think the blend works so well. This tea is also fantastic for your digestive health which is always a great bonus.

I would 100% recommend these luxury teas. I know that I will look no further when it comes to loose leaf teas, I have found my favourite.

Jadu Tea has quite a few different variety of teas on their website. All the teas above as decaffeinated- which is my personal preference.

Jadu Tea London website: Jadu Tea

I really hope you all enjoyed my review on these teas and hopefully inspire you to become as much as a tea lover as me!

Liv xxx


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