10 Ways To Try And Be A Positive Person

10 Ways To Try And Be A Positive Person

I feel that I have slightly neglected my blog over the Christmas period. As there has been so much going on. But now that the festive period is now over I can continue as normal.

I felt that this post was appropriate for this time of year. As it is the new year and we all like to try and make small changes to make this year a bit better than the last one and to try and be better people. One of my personal goals was to try and make positive changes to my life to help me overcome some anxiety issues and just to be a more positive person in general.

I chose the below as I felt that they all really stuck out to me the most out of all the ideas I had drafted. I really hope these help you if you are trying to make some positive changes in your life.

“Think positive, be positive & positive things will happen”

1. Accept who you are

I think this one is very important, in order to accept yourself for who you are means accepting a lot of things you may not like or things you do like about yourself that maybe others have put down. Every single person on this earth is different, why would you want to be anybody but you? Also once you stop comparing yourself to others you will lead a much happier life.  This is something I have been doing over the last few years, accepting me for me! As long as you are comfortable with who you are then that’s all that matters.

2. Get rid of the negativity in your life

Negativity can sometime be all around us where ever we go. We cannot fully remove this but we can try our best to close off as much as we can. If you have a negative person in your life, you have to tell them how their negativity plays a big part in how you feel or simply remove this person if they are really getting you down. If you work in a negative environment try and make a positive change to make it less negative. Negativity affects us all, its just about finding ways to shut it off or turn it in to positivity.

3. Share happiness with others

Smile, for one its contagious and you never know that one smile could brighten up someone else’s day. Surprise some one with one of their favourite things. There are many things you can do to share happiness, even just having a cup of tea with someone or giving a someone a compliment. Throw happiness round like confetti.

4. Appreciate and be grateful for as much as you can

In life sometimes we don’t take in to consideration how much trouble someone has gone to for you and we take the people in our life for granted. At times we don’t pay attention to our surroundings or the small things like the water that comes out of our taps or the electricity that powers a lot of our belongings. We all do it, we go by day to day not thinking of how fortune we are. Sometimes its good to have a sit down and really think about everything you own, have and love. Time to be more appreciative and grateful.

5. Have a break

We all live such fast paced lives. Its so easy to forget about stopping before you crash and burn. Its so important to have some relaxation, re-charge your batteries, unwind your mind & relax your body. This will make a positive effect on your life. Health is wealth, remember that.

6. Live in the now

This is something that I 100% struggle with and something I am trying daily to conquer. Many of us live in the past & many of us worry about the future whether it be near or far. I worry too much about the near future. Its all about living in the now and enjoying what is going on right now. Try not to let the past knock on your door uninvited & try not to worry about the future, I know this is all easier said than done (trust me) but it is all about trying. Life goes by too fast and we miss so many crucial moments because we are too busy not living in the now.

7. Set achievable goals

I think it is positive to always have something in front of you that you are aiming for. If you are achieving goals you are going to feel more positive in your life. Whether they be really simple goals which are important to you or something that is far out of reach but you know you can make it. Usually if you have something to focus on you will generally feel more positive.

8. Avoid situations

Now, I know that this isn’t the easiest one as something’s are just unavoidable. If you know that a situation is going to have a negative affect on how you feel mentally and physically – avoid it if you can. You will feel so much better for not being involved and keeping yourself well and positive. Only you know how things affect you, don’t let others try and sway you if you don’t want to.

9. Believe in yourself

There are always going to be people who put you down, bat your ideas away or don’t make you feel worthy. Time to say FU. I know sometimes it is really hard to believe in yourself but you have to be your number 1 fan. If everybody in life listened to those people that put them down along the way we would probably have a very empty world. If someone tells you that you aren’t capable of doing something, prove them wrong. if someone thinks your idea is ridiculous, do it anyway. If you suffer with an illness of any kind, believe in yourself that you will be ok.

10. Surround yourself with positive people

We tend to connect with other peoples feelings and emotions. If you are down in the dumps and always negative you are going to have an effect on the people who you are closed to. Other peoples emotions will affect how you feel. This is why trying to be around happy positive people is important for us. They will keep you uplifted and positive, you will also do the same for them.

Thanks for reading, I hope now you feel positive and inspired 🙂

Liv xxx


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